Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke

Andrea Clarke, of Holladay, Utah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Utah.  For several years she worked in computer electronics for one of the world’s fastest growing organizations—Megahertz, US Robotics, and 3COM. Years later, she was recruited as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Organon and then Purdue Pharmaceuticals.  

At the time she met and began dating her future husband, Andrea was recognized as the top employee in the entire company.  In 2003, Andrea moved from outside sales to inside healthcare to her growing family as she bore the first of three children. 

Andrea now is as busy as ever and excels in both raising their young children and supporting her husband, but also dedicates substantial resources to worthy causes in her community and abroad.   Currently, Andrea serves as chair of the UVU Women’s Success Center Advisory Board. She also serves as a board member of Bridle Up Hope—The Rachel Covey Foundation.  

Andrea’s indulges her passion for making and eating great food as she takes part in two different cooking groups, ‘Lunch with the Ladies’ and ‘The Gourmet Girls’—a group which has been together for over 10 years.  When not serving family and community, she also loves to travel and spend time with her children and husband.  Andrea’s optimism is evident in her endless hope for good ski days both in the mountains and on the lakes.