Becky Woodbury

Becky Woodbury

Becky Woodbury lives by the adages: “Either act happy or be happy; no one really cares which one” and “Smile – so the wrinkles form in the right places.” She also believes “You can’t spoil a baby” and “You can’t have too many Christmas decorations.” She feels that if you’re not continually singing or humming, you’re not living, and that, as an avid bibliophile, “A well-read woman is a dangerous creature.” So, if you meet a smiling, singing, dangerous woman, snuggling a grandbaby whilst putting up Christmas décor, it’s probably her.

Becky served with Rick as he presided over the Kentucky Louisville Mission and now spends a considerable amount of time attending weddings and planning mission reunions and dinners.

She loves choral music, is a former member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and has and is currently involved directing various church, school and community choirs.  Beck is also a committee member and contributor to an LDS Church music think-tank.

As a former Special Education teacher, and grandmother of a child with Downs Syndrome, Becky is a champion of education in general and particularly as it applies to children with Special Needs.

She loves to create and give theme parties, make lists and photo books, enjoys traveling with Rick, and has been voted the “World’s Funnest Grandma.”