Chanin Peterson

Chanin Peterson

UVU holds a special place in Chanin Peterson’s heart.  She began her career in graphics and commercial art with classes at “Utah Tech”.  In addition to providing her with the art portfolio needed to continue in university art programs, the skills she learned there allowed her to work full time in graphics throughout college.  Having experienced the edge an associate's degree can have on a career, the direction of UVU’s vision to provide every person with a degree is something she finds extraordinarily beneficial.  Chanin is eager to help provide students with similar opportunities.

Chanin received a BA degree and enjoyed a wonderful career in digital graphics, until ultimately her only client became her husband’s businesses.  Together, they created the Millrock Business Park and currently oversee Millrock Capital’s investments, and they also enjoyed being a part of Chasqui Humanitarian for many years.  Chanin’s favorite moments are spending time with her family and friends, travelling, skiing, golfing, biking, hiking, and serving.  With both of their children attending college, Steve and Chanin are committed to continuing their passion to encourage entrepreneurial students to achieve their dreams.