Graham McMullen

Graham McMullen

Graham McMullen is a British entrepreneur from London who is married to Rachelle from Utah.  They lived in the UK until only recently when they moved to Utah.  They are the proud parents of seven children and an ever increasing number of grandchildren.  

Graham's initial education was in mechanical engineering.  Returning from an LDS mission to Scotland (same time as Matt Holland and others), Graham began his career with Panasonic UK as a trainee sales and marketing executive and  rose to the role of VP of sales and marketing for the UK, being the youngest member of the board at the time.  In 1996 Graham started his own business in the IT sector (DaaS & SaaS), this along with six other businesses have been built, led, and sold along the way to corporate and private equity buyers.

In 2008, Graham as the CEO & Founder of the Admiral Group was awarded “Business of the Year" in the Central England Chamber of Commerce Awards. 

Having experience in serving on the board of a number of different companies including IT, software, education, security, retail, construction, telecoms, and also serving with the Chamber of Commerce and involved in charitable foundations, Graham likes to keep busy and has an active mind to learn and grow.

Current ventures include angel investment in the UK and USA, and initiatives with various African governments in both infrastructure, agriculture, and charitable opportunities.