Holly Brough

Holly Brough

Holly Brough trained as a dancer and performer all of her youth. Her acting career took off when she landed her first leading role at Hale Center Theatre. Until she was 21, she performed in Grandma Hale's original plays both in Salt Lake and in Orem. Holly attended BYU and was a Cougarette her first year. During that year she discovered ballroom dancing and found her true love. Her forte was Latin and Theater Arts. For the two years she did ballroom dancing, she and her partner were the champions in the Theater Arts category. She was able to travel with the Ballroom Touring team to Blackpool, England where she competed for the World Championship and won. Shortly after that, Holly served a Latter-day Saint mission in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she met Rob's family. Rob and Holly were married six months after her return home and now Rob is the love of her life. They have three beautiful children and she enjoys being a stay-at-home mother, thanks to Rob.  Currently she is writing a book and hopes to become an accomplished writer someday.