Jeff Flamm

Nancy Flamm

Nancy Ellsworth Flamm is the mother of six children, five sons and one daughter.  She loves music, theatre, quilting—and lately—pickleball!  


She began her acting career at the Glendale Centre Theatre (started by Ruth and Nathan Hale) in southern California at the age of seven.  When the Hales and Dietlein’s opened their first theatre here in Utah, she was thrilled to become a part of it.  Currently she serves on the Board of Directors.


Nancy studied music, French, and German at Brigham Young University and participated with the Ballroom Dance Team there.  She studied abroad in Austria, worked for Pan Am as a tour guide in summers, and served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tokyo before graduating.  She took a job teaching choir in Ogden, which is where she met her husband, Jeff.  

About 25 years ago, Nancy joined “Gone to Pieces,” a quilting group which has continued to fill her life with creativity, service, and friendship.  She makes many beautiful quilts each year for her home, family, and charity.  The group holds a huge quilt show every other year, donating all the proceeds to local charities.


Having taught all her own children to play the piano, she is happy to see them sharing their talents in church.  She is now working on the next generation, teaching and encouraging her grandchildren to love music and to practice!


Nancy loves traveling with her husband, Jeff, especially to Kauai.  She is never idle, and will never be seen just “watching TV” without a handwork project in her lap.