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Meet Mikki

As Assistant Dean in the UVU Woodbury School of Business, Mikki O’Connor has been a champion of all students, with special attention on helping female business students finish their education and receive degrees. In 2017, she was recognized as a tireless candidate for the Women in Education Utah Women’s Walk Women in the Education division. Speaking directly to her dedication to students from all walks of life completing their education, O’Connor received the 2016 UVU Champions of Inclusion Award. A 20-year employee at UVU with a Master of Organizational Behavior degree, O’Connor says working with students each day to help them reach their individual potential is the greatest reward.


O’Connor is married to her wonderful husband, James, and together they share a beautiful family of seven children and 20 grandchildren.

Photo of Mikki O'Conner 

Woodbury Women Initiatives

Empower the Women of the Woodbury student representatives to be exemplars and advocates of women who complete their degrees in business and contribute meaningfully in the community, professional, and classroom settings.

Gain durable communication skills and master the ability to demonstrate their skills and abilities to future employers.

Develop a plan for recruiting high school and university students to enter business programs and become successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Organize, recruit, and invite keynote speakers to foster student awareness of the advantage’s associated with completing a business degree program and how it nurtures successful women.

The Women of the Woodbury focuses on women’s advancement.

This innovative program will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, tools, and real-time problem solving needed to further women in their career preparation. Participants learn to navigate the workplace, take the lead with new strategies and tactics, develop negotiation skills, and work life balance. The Women of the Woodbury provide professional development workshops and volunteer opportunities to equip male advocates and women with personal empowerment.

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