March Newsletter 2023

March Newsletter 2023

Provost Vaught's Thoughts

Dear Faculty,

I hope that Spring Break gave each of you the opportunity to recharge and refresh. Can you believe we are already halfway through the semester? There is already excitement for graduation and summer break. Please continue to be mindful of your students’ needs toward the end of the semester, and keep up the good work.

As always, thank you for the work that each of you do. The Office of Academic Affairs is here to support you in anyway we can, so please reach out if we can assist!

- Provost Vaught

Dear Chairs,

It’s been a few weeks since the last update. Here are some upcoming deadlines to share with your departments.


  • Julie will soon be sending out the list of faculty members eligible for application for tenure in September 2023. Please check the list closely to make sure it is accurate with your records.
  • Assistant professors who believe they have satisfied their department criteria and Policy 637 before the tenure review year stated in their offer letter must request and receive permission from their RTP chair, department chair, dean, and the Provost by, April 15, 2023, to be eligible to apply early. Approval for early application does not guarantee a successful application.
    • Faculty members with documented years toward tenure do not have to apply for permission to apply early unless they are hoping to apply earlier than the date assigned in their offer letter.
  • Associate professors who have held tenure AND rank of associate professor since July 1, 2018, have accrued the five complete years necessary to be eligible to apply for full professor. See Policy 632, Assignment and Advancement in Academic Rank, for more details. Please remember the institution is using the “tabs” of Policy 637 to help determine the contents of rank advancement submissions.
  • Faculty receiving tenure and rank of associate professor after July 1, 2018, need to receive written permission from their RTP chair, department chair, dean, and the Provost by April 15, 2023, to be eligible to apply early. Approval for early application does not guarantee a successful application.

Sabbatical deadline:

  • April 1, 2023: Sabbatical requests for Spring 2024 are due to department chairs. This deadline is also for faculty members who wish to apply for the Spring/Fall 2024 “year.” Tenured faculty may apply for a sabbatical after five complete years of service since their last sabbatical. Please see Policy 640, Faculty Sabbatical Leave, for more details.


  • Policy 646, Faculty Appeals for Retention, Tenure, and Promotion, is currently in Stage 3, Community feedback. It will close for comments on March 17, 2023. Please send your comments to John Hunt ([email protected]) and/or Nizhone Meza ([email protected]) and copy the Policy Office ([email protected]).

Teacher with student.

Faculty Success Annual Review Trainings

The Office of Faculty Development will be holding upcoming Faculty Success Annual Review Trainings for all faculty. We’ll demonstrate the new template for annual reviews along with where to enter teaching, scholarship, and service activities into Faculty Success.

FS Annual Review Trainings will be held on teams the following dates and times:

February 24th, 10am

March 1st, 1pm

March 14th, 9am

March 23rd, 2pm

March 27th, 12pm 

Please reach out to Trevor Morris ([email protected]) or Laurie Toro ([email protected]) with any questions.

Software Approval Process

Clarification of the Software approval process:

The Software Approval Process is for new software only. Renewals will be added to the process later. Please put a requisition into Wolverine Marketplace for all renewals. All software that is public, and student facing as well as employee software that is used in multiple departments is required to have an accessibility review every 3 years. Please submit an accessibility ticket if needed.  Canvas integrated software-based course materials (e.g., McGraw Hill, Connect, Simulations, Online Texts, etc.) are not part of this process, to obtain approval for these, please fill out the Canvas integrated software request.  The deadlines for textbooks are as follows: · Summer Semester - February 1· Fall Semester - March 1· Spring Semester - October 1

Fulton Library: Free Video Streaming 

Two UVU students walk in front of the Fulton Library, with a library sign and two chatting students in the background.

You and your students can stream for free from the Fulton Library. All you need is a UVID and password! Ditch the DVDs and subscription fees—we offer a wide range of films in our online video databases, including Oscar nominees, educational documentaries, counseling videos, fine art performances, and more. With 17 video databases to choose from, you can embed videos directly into your Canvas courses or stream from your computer.  

To search for streaming videos, click the “videos” search tab on the library’s homepage. Search by topic or title, and select the “online streaming” option to filter out DVDs and Blu-rays. If you don’t have a specific film in mind, browse movies in our video databases 

Explore a few of our favorite video databases: 

  • SwankThis database includes popular movies, classics, and foreign films. Create an instructor account to browse additional films available for the library to purchase. 
  • Kanopy – With a mix of feature films and documentaries from award-winning filmmakers, Kanopy includes movies like Hereditary, Parasite, and I Am Not Your Negro. 
  • Academic Video Online (AVON)This database features a huge variety of scholarly videos, including documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs, and more. 
  • Docuseek2 – Search Docuseek2 for documentaries from educational film distributors like Bullfrog Films, Collective Eye Films, Icarus Films, and more. 


For questions about these resources, ask a librarian or stop by the library’s first-floor circulation desk. For assistance adding films to a Canvas course, contact Alan Stephens. 

Research Institute at the Women’s Success Center

Colleagues and Community Partners,

Please join Utah Valley University President Tuminez, the Woodbury School of Business, and the Women’s Success Center on March 23-24, 2023, for the Women in Leadership Collegiate Case Competition. Student teams nationwide will compete and present innovative solutions to a complex business challenge.

The schedule for the Welcome Dinner with President’s Address, the Final Competition Round, and Networking Reception are outlined in the attached invitation. For catering purposes, RSVP here by March 13.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Kelly Hall, Academic Director, Research Institute at Women's Success Center


Policy Update:

Since our last update in February’s newsletter, President’s Council has approved Policy 526 Student Record Adjustments to enter Stage 1 Drafting.

Also, remember to get your comments to your Faculty Senate senator or PACE representative for the following policies, which are in stage 2, Review by UVU Entities:

· Policy 141 Cost Transfers for Sponsored Programs (closes 3/23/23)

· Policy 201 General Fiscal Policies and Procedures (closes 3/23/23)

· Policy 202 Payroll (closes 3/23/23)

· Policy 205 Investments (closes 3/23/23)

· Policy 607 Course-Based Fees (closes 4/13/23)

And anyone in the University campus community still has until Friday, March 17, 2023, to comment on Policy 646 Faculty Appeals for Retention, Tenure, and Promotion, which is in stage 3 Campus Community Review. You may send your comments to the Policy Office or to John Hunt at [email protected].

Finally, on February 23, 2023, the following policies were approved by the Board to become effective in the Policy Manual:

· Policy 210 Independent Contractors

· Policy 251 Traveling on University Business

· Policy 658 Establishment and Administration of Graduate Programs


case competition

Policy Highlight:
Academic Freedom as set forth in UBHE Policy R481

Utah Valley University’s policy regarding Academic Freedom (found in Policy 635 Faculty Rights and Professional Responsibilities) is based on the guidelines given to us by the Utah Board of Higher Education in its Policy Rule 481, Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Tenure, Termination, and Post-Tenure Review. UBHE Rule 481 Section 3.3 reads:

“The [higher education] institutions are operated for the common good and not to further the interest of either the individual faculty member or the institution as a whole. The common good depends upon the free search for truth and its free exposition. Academic freedom is essential to these purposes and applies to both teaching and research. Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth. Academic freedom is fundamental in learning. It carries with it duties correlative with rights. . . .

With regards to teaching, the Board states that “Faculty members possess the right to full [academic] freedom in the classroom to discuss their subjects. They may present any controversial material relevant to their courses of instruction, but they shall be careful not to introduce into their teaching controversial matter which has no relation to the subject being taught.” Section 3.3.1

As for academic freedom in research, the Board states that “A faculty member is entitled to full freedom in research and in the publication of the results. Research for pecuniary return should be conditional upon disclosure to and the consent of the officials of the institution.” Section 3.3.2

Finally, with regards to public life, Section 3.3.3 states:

“A college or university faculty member is a citizen, a member of a learned profession, and an officer of an educational institution. When the faculty member speaks or writes as a citizen, [they] should be free from institutional censorship or discipline, but the faculty member’s

special position in the community imposes special obligations. As a person of learning and an education officer, the faculty member should remember that the public may judge [their] profession and institution by [their] utterances. Hence the faculty member should at all times strive to be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, should show respect for others, and should make every effort to indicate that [they]are not speaking for the institution. Section 3.3.3

March Service-Learning Superstar Winner!

Learning Superstar

LynnAnn Erickson is a Professional in Residence in the Organizational Leadership Department at Utah Valley University. Prior to teaching, LynnAnn worked as an HR Professional primarily in the manufacturing industry. She held specialist, generalist, and managerial roles at various companies. She is also a consultant with TracTalent, a startup company focused on driving a people-first approach to attract, retain and develop talent. She has an MBA degree from Utah State University and a BS degree in Business Management from Utah Valley University.

 LynnAnn uses service-learning projects in her Training and Development class (HR 3570). One of the goals for this course is for students to create effective training content that organizations can use to close critical skill gaps. The training framework taught in the classroom requires students to plan, develop, and create a system that measures results. The service-learning project is particularly well suited to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom and requires students to directly apply these concepts into a consulting project for an organization in our local community.

 LynnAnn said this about her service-learning efforts: "I love using service-learning in my courses. This process enables my students to work closely with organizations in our local community and helps students gain valuable practice in applying the concepts we discuss in class to real world projects. Service-learning gives my students skills that help them enter the workforce competent and prepared."

Please join us in congratulating LynnAnn for her incredible service-learning efforts!

Dr. Jonathan Westover

Academic Director, Center for Social Impact 

Dr. Leandra Hernandez

Associate Academic Director, Center for Social Impact 


We welcome nominations for future Service-Learning Superstars on a rolling basis, and self-nominations are encouraged. To nominate, please send an email to Dr. Jon Westover ([email protected]) and Dr. Leandra Hernandez ([email protected].) with a 250-word description of the nominee, department affiliation, and service-learning course activities.

People & Culture: Years of Service 

Here are the names of those celebrating their Years of Service this year up through June. Congrats on this amazing accomplishment! 


Students drawing

Name Start Date Years of Service
Lorraine Rupper 2018/06 5
Nathan Wierwille 2018/06 5
James Price 2018/06 5
Diane Thompson 2018/06 5
Michelle Schow 2018/05 5
Patricia Vaughn 2018/05 5
Angus Macfarlane 2018/05 5
Kelly Keetch 2018/05 5
Michel Avegnon 2018/05 5
Andrew Wold 2018/05 5
Jacob Johnson 2018/04 5
Jennie Olson 2018/03 5
Alexis Beagley 2018/03 5
Kristopher Maxfield 2018/03 5
Austin Buckner 2018/03 5
Mike Slater 2018/03 5
Linda Humes 2018/03 5
Jacob Tibbitts 2018/03 5
Jason Winn 2018/03 5
Stephen Minton 2018/03 5
Shauna Standing 2018/02 5
Aubrey Bradshaw 2018/02 5
Sheri Smederovac 2018/02 5
Madison Kobayashi 2018/02 5
Sara Munoz de Silva 2018/02 5
Chelsea Hickman 2018/02 5
Tyson Frazier 2018/02 5
Allison Routt 2018/02 5
Zachary Jones 2018/02 5
W Eldred 2018/02 5
Scott Adams 2018/01 5
Kristin Wright 2018/01 5
Joe Simons 2018/01 5
Rawan Al-Nsour 2018/01 5
Rita Wright 2018/01 5
Amy Grubbs 2018/01 5
Mandi Vlam 2018/01 5
Cory Smith 2018/01 5
William Morrell 2018/01 5
Craig Dietrich 2018/01 5
Samuel Wagner 2018/01 5
Russell Warner 2018/01 5
Linda Sellers 2018/01 5
Steven Minert 2018/01 5
Deanne Helquist 2018/01 5
Gregory Rogers 2018/01 5
Daniel Wheeler 2018/01 5
Daniel Harmuth 2018/01 5
Jacob Fenn 2018/01 5
Guy Francis 2018/01 5
Cody Barton 2018/01 5
Thomas Webster 2018/01 5
Jessica Davies 2018/01 5
John Tinsley 2018/01 5
Julie Hayden 2013/06 10
Santiago Alonso 2013/05 10
Anna Metcalf 2013/05 10
Carolyn Creer 2013/05 10
Ronald Harris 2013/04 10
Sabine Berlin 2013/04 10
Elizabeth Reid 2013/04 10
Dennis Goudy 2013/03 10
Scott Maughan 2013/03 10
Earl Levanger 2013/02 10
Rodney Hammer 2013/02 10
Carrie Johnson 2013/02 10
Joan Aaron 2013/02 10
Kathleen Shaw 2013/02 10
Tammy Christensen 2013/01 10
Joseph Decker 2013/01 10
Loran Larsen 2013/01 10
Haynes Goodsell 2013/01 10
Janice Homan 2013/01 10
Jeanne Zimerle 2013/01 10
Robert Conder 2013/01 10
Kent Christensen 2013/01 10
Heather Shelley 2013/01 10
Fernando Dealba 2013/01 10
Lori Weiss 2013/01 10
Kurt Stephensen 2008/06 15
Jacob Beck 2008/06 15
John James 2008/05 15
Toni Harris 2008/05 15
Wendi Karbakhsh 2008/05 15
Orrawan Kimball 2008/05 15
Rebecca Rothey 2008/04 15
Blaine Coombs 2008/03 15
Jeremiah Raymond 2008/03 15
Stephen Johnson 2008/03 15
Gary Kilgore 2008/02 15
Anna-Marie McDaniel 2008/02 15
Stephen Olson 2008/02 15
Victoria Utley 2008/02 15
William Mackintosh 2008/02 15
Marilyn Riddle 2008/01 15
Jamie Korstanje 2008/01 15
Deborah Dowd 2008/01 15
Susan Thackeray 2008/01 15
James Bradshaw 2008/01 15
Nathan Armstrong 2008/01 15
Michael Judd 2008/01 15
Colleen Hough 2008/01 15
Daniel Maynard 2008/01 15
Scott Jessop 2003/05 20
Azucena Aguayo 2003/05 20
Robert Maxfield 2003/04 20
Joshua Adams 2003/04 20
Joe Bistryski 2003/02 20
Wendy Farnsworth 2003/02 20
Lori Duke 2003/02 20
L Riley Pilgrim 2003/02 20
Anne Arendt 2003/01 20
Julie Eldredge 2003/01 20
Lynley Murphy 2003/01 20
Michael Taylor 1998/04 25
Matt Call 1998/04 25
Scott Spencer 1998/03 25
Craig Humphreys 1998/02 25
Richard McDonald 1998/01 25
Kacie Ortiz 1998/01 25
Michael Jensen 1993/05 30