To advance Utah Valley University's shared governance model, the Policy Office makes policies accessible to the campus community, makes the policy development process efficient and transparent, and fosters collaboration by engaging key stakeholders from all parts of the university community.


About Our Office

The UVU Policy Office serves as a university resource for policy development. Through collaboration with the university community, the Policy Office facilitates development, approval, and periodic review of policy.

Policy Office staff serve as editors and project managers to support the process by which policies are developed through the University's shared governance. Working with policy sponsors and stewards, we strive to ensure each policy is inclusive and accessible and aligns with the mission and values of the University.

For more information about how policies are developed at UVU, please see our policy process guide and our tools for policy writers.


Objectives of the Policy Office

  • Provide a set of policies that cover key aspects of university life.
  • Provide administrative support to the policy development process.
  • Provide editorial support to sponsors and stewards.
  • Provide technical support to the policy process.

Our Services



Provide policy process training to students, staff, faculty, and administrators, as well as elected leadership and representatives for PACE, UVUSA, and Faculty Senate.



Maintain the Policy Office web pages, including the online Policy Manual and Approval Pipeline.

Maintain the University's policy archive.

Design and maintain policy process templates to facilitate efficiency and consistency, and provide technical support for these templates as needed.

Uphold accessibility standards for Policy Office web pages and content.



Provide editorial and project management support to policy sponsors, stewards, and writing committees throughout the University's policy development process.


Assist university vice presidents with the periodic assessment of current policies.


Assist university vice presidents with the development of policy strategy plans.


Serve as writing process consultants for policy writing committees.



Provide editorial support to sponsors and stewards, and other university units as needed.

Review and revise drafts of university policy and guidelines and throughout the development stages to

  • uphold institutional standards for language and style
  • correct usage and grammar in accordance with approved style guides, and 
  • ensure clarity, readability, and a cohesive voice

Provide research services for complex policy topics as needed.


Policy office staff

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