Under the umbrella of Academic Affairs, Faculty Relations is available to assist and guide all faculty members in their Univeristy interactions and experiences. Faculty relations offers conflict-prevention services to help participants develop skills that prevent conflicts before they occur. Faculty Relations also provides informal conflict resolution services, training, and coaching to faculty members in place of, or in addition to, formal processes and procedures while a conflict is ongoing. This informal conflict resolution supplements, but does not replace, the University’s existing resources for formal conflict resolution.

Four principles guide Faculty Relations' assistance: confidential (unless disclosure is required by applicable law or UVU policy-- clients will always be notified prior to any required disclosure), informal, impartial, and independent. 

What issues we assist with:

  1. Work Relationships
    • Colleague Conflict
    • Bullying / abuse of power
    • Scheduling conflicts (course or workload)
    • Miscommunication surrounding performance / annual review
    • Facilitate annual review performance plan creation
    • Cultural awareness
    • Departmental conflict
  2. Management of Workplace
    • Departmental decision-making
    • Compensation complaints
    • Work environment
    • Academic freedom
    • Transition and change in management
    • Departmental conflict
  3. Other
    • Facilitate discourse among various individuals or groups
    • Policy / procedure interpretation
    • Direct to appropriate resources
    • Conflict coaching

What disputes we do not assist with:

  1. Discrimination as defined by UVU Policy 165
  2. Sexual Misconduct and Harassment as defined by UVU Policies 162 & 165
  3. Retaliation per UVU Policies 162 & 165
  4. Providing legal advice
  5. Taking sides or being an advocate
  6. Taking an official notice or being on the record
  7. Delivering a judgment or disciplinary action of any kind
  8. Tenure or rank advancement per UVU Policy 637
  9. Policy or other University violations
  10. Student or employee accommodations under ADA or other applicable disability law
  11. Family Medical Leave Act
  12. Workers' Compensation
  13. Title IX / Title VII


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