Mission Statement

Academic Tutoring embraces the power of students helping students and supports all individuals—regardless of identity, culture, point of view, or background—as they navigate the challenges associated with their educational goals. With a focus on gateway major courses, certified student employees work alongside each student to foster serious academic exploration and inspire lifelong learning.

Statement of Inclusion

Academic Tutoring offers an environment of belonging where diverse perspectives are not simply accepted but seen as a source of strength. We aim to provide a space where all students are welcomed, respected, recognized, and empowered. In our Supplemental Instruction and peer-tutoring spaces we explore challenging topics and we are committed to deepening our understanding of multiple perspectives—whatever our backgrounds, experiences, or positions. Furthermore, we spare no effort in our contribution to Utah Valley University’s action commitments to include, engage, achieve and to empower diversity in all its dimensions.

How We Help

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Academic Tutoring’s focus is on creating independent learners rather than improving just one assignment. To do so, we focus not on quick answers but on lasting study strategies that empower students in the learning process. Ultimately, our hope is that we can help each student build a foundation of study skills that will help them as they progress towards their academic goals.

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Who We Help

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There’s a misconception that academic support is only for students who are struggling in their classes. However, we believe that students, faculty, staff, and community members from all backgrounds can benefit from developing new tools and talking through ideas. We help with a number of classes from a number of disciplines, and we’re always expanding our offerings.

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What We Do

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We provide students from all backgrounds a place to study independently, meet as groups, or work in guided review sessions. Our staff will engage with students in the learning process to develop strategies for the future rather than improve just a single assignment. Often, this is working on specific course content and building study skills needed to tackle courses, but we're flexible to the needs of each student.

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Academic Tutoring is certified to train tutors through the College Reading and Learning Center Association (CRLA) and authorized to present tutors the following levels of certification: Level 1 - Certified Tutor, Level 2 - Advanced Certified Tutor, and Level 3 - Master Certified Tutor.


Supplemental Instruction is in the process of becoming internationally accredited. In order to achieve international accreditation, the program must meet rigorous requirements that include substantial and consistent training on best practices in education, frequent quality control through observations, and demonstration that the program is effective in supporting students.

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