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We offer flexible scheduling, great networking opportunities, and a great environment to enhance your personal learning while teaching your peers. Use our pathways to CRLA certification and build your resume in a meaningful way. Apply to be an SI leader, office assistant, or peer tutor today!

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Peer Tutor

Peer Tutors primarily work one-on-one with students both in-person and online, but can also work with groups or lead workshops.

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Office Assistant

Office Assistants manage and coordinate the bulk of lab activities while also serving as the first contact point for students, faculty, and community.

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S.I. Leader

Supplemental Instruction Leaders attend lectures for targeted courses and conduct several guided study sessions each week to improve study habits and reinforce course content.

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Academic & Professional Benefits

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A deeper grasp on material relevant to your career or academic goals.

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The chance to build relationships with professional staff and professors.

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An extensive training in a program that can make you competitive for internships, positions, and post-graduate studies.

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The opportunity to improve skills like communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and time management.

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A flexible schedule that provides plenty of space to balance home, school, and work responsibilities.

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