Our 2 Purposes:

Assistive Technology:  Various computer programs and technologies such as screen readers, text-to-speech programs, and voice recognition software are available to students registered with The Office of Accessibility Services.

Alternative Format: Textbooks and other classroom media are processed and converted into alternative formats for students who require reading materials in something other than a printed format. This could include Braille, audio, enlarged text, and Daisy Talking Books.

List of Software

The computer programs currently available in the ATC include:

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Voice controlled word processor. Allows the user to dictate sentences to the computer by converting voice into text. The program can be used to compose email messages, create reports, draft letters, edit proposals, and more, just by speaking.

Central Access Reader

Central Access Reader (CAR) is a free, open source, text-to- speech application designed specifically for students with print-related disabilities. CAR reads Word Docs and pasted text using the voice installed on your computer. Students are also able to create their own audio CDs. CAR has an intuitive interface and many customizable features. Reads Word documents and is available for download on your personal computers.

Natural Reader

Free versions of Natural Reader are available for use. Natural Reader is a text-to-speech application that highlights what is being read while reading aloud. Reads Word documents, PDFs, and pasted text. The paid version of Natural Reader includes different voices, a floating toolbar that will read text in Internet browsers, and the ability to convert text to audio. Natural Reader will also translate and read different languages. There is a paid app available for Android and iOS devices as well.

Dolphin EasyReader

EasyReader is an accessible software ebook reader, allowing users to read and listen to content through a combination of text, speech and images. Sorenson Video Phone, ZoomText and CCTVs are available as well.

Apps for Student Success

Note Taking Apps

OneNote (Windows):
Digital notebook with all the functionality of other Microsoft products, take pictures and insert into file, make to-do lists, share ideas with a team, and save research.

Noteability (iDevices):
Handwriting, note taking, audio recording, annotate PDF's, Cloud sync to Dropbox.

AudioNote (Android):
Record notes and audio sync.

Google Keep (iDevices/Android/Chrome):
Capture, edit, share, and collaborate on notes on any device, anywhere. Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep. Organize notes with labels and colors, set reminders, and copy directly to Google Doc.

Evernote (iDevices/Android/PC):
Create text, photo, and audio notes. Auto synchronize to other devices. Mark favorites for quick access.

SmartNote (iDevices/Android):
Lets you write, sketch and annotate images. Handwritten notes can be exported as text, are searchable instantly, and you can define and edit words with simple gestures. Notes can be shared via email or stored in S-Note®, Dropbox®, Google Drive®, or Evernote.

Time Management Apps


StayFocusd (Google Chrome Extension):
Time tracker based on Pomodoro method of time management.

Freedom (iDevices):
Blocks distracting applications to increase productivity.

DoNotDisturb (iDevices and Android):
Blocks distracting applications to increase productivity.

Flipd (Android):
Blocks distracting applications to increase productivity.

Rescue Time (iDevices/Android/Chrome/PC):
Blocks distracting applications to increase productivity.

Productivity Apps

Google Keep (iDevices/Android/Chrome):
Capture, edit, share, and collaborate on notes on any device, anywhere. Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep. Organize notes with labels and colors, set reminders, and copy directly to Google Doc.

Studious (Android):
Manage class schedule and activities. Notifies you of tasks. Dictates how phone behaves during class hours.

iHomework/MyHomework (iDevices/Android):
Keep track of homework, classes, projects, and tests. Notifies you of late and/or upcoming assignments.

Calendar Apps

Sunrise (iDevices/Android)

Google Calendar (iDevices/Android/PC)

Web Browsing Tools

Google Scholar:
provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites. Go to the Google Scholar website.

analyzes your search results each time you do a query-identifying themes, topics, and more-and organizes your results for you. Rather than wading through a mini-web of thousands of results, one by one, in some indiscernible order, you are guided to a specific set of relevant results with the iViews™. Go to the iSeek website.

Speech-to-Text Apps

Dragon Naturally Speaking:
Software package available for use in the ATC or for purchase. Converts speech into text as you dictate.

Dragon Dictation:
(iDevices) Converts speech into text as you dictate.

Google Docs:
Has a feature that allows you to convert speech into text as you dictate. 

Text-to-Speech Apps

Free text-to-speech and MP3 conversion. Download Balabolka

Central Access Reader (CAR):
A free computerized text-to-speech reader program developed as a tool to assist students with print-related disabilities-those with visual impairments, dyslexia, or other conditions-reads documents that other text-readers can’t handle, especially those with equations or symbols. Download CAR

Natural Reader:
Free text-to-speech and MP3 conversion program. Download Natural Reader.

Audible (iDevices/Android/PC):
Audiobook chapter navigation, bookmarking, sleep mode, variable narration speed, button-free mode.

Reading Apps


Readability (iDevices/Android/PC):
Removes distracting ads/add-ons from web articles. Allows you to store information for later access.

Spritz (iDevices/Android/PC):
Unique reading application designed to increase reading fluency/comprehension. https://spritz.com/

Study Apps

Quizlet (iDevices/Android/PC):
Make your own flashcards or search existing flashcards. Audio is available in 18 languages. Three study modes: flashcards, learn, and scatter.

StudyBlue (iDevices/Android/PC):
Mobile flashcards, study guides, and quizzes.

Khan Academy: Learn almost anything for free. Khan Academy website.

iTunes University (iDevices): Browse the world’s largest catalog of free education content: • Choose from more than 1 million free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects from algebra to zoology from educational and cultural institutions around the world.

Wolfram Alpha (iDevices/Android/PC): Across thousands of domains-with more continually added - Wolfram Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you.

EasyBib (iDevices/Android/Chrome): Bibliography creation tool for students.

Refme (iDevices/Android/Chrome): Bibliography creation tool for students.

Andie Graph(Android): emulates TI-83 calculator.

MyScript Calculator (iDevices/Android): Easy, simple and intuitive, just write the mathematical expression on the screen then let MyScript technology perform its magic converting symbols and numbers to digital text and delivering the result in real time. 

IDEAL Web Math K-12+ (Android/Web App): math-help website that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by users. Click here to go to webmath.com

Yay Math: Math lessons that use positivity and humor to help combat math anxiety. The lessons provided cover--Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Statistics. Click here to go to yaymath.org

Miscellaneous Apps

TED (iDevices/Android/PC): Web conferences on various topics from around the world.

Sleep If U Can (iDevices/Android): Alarm application for those who have difficulty waking on time. When alarm starts ringing, you will have to go to the registered place and take a picture. e.g.) If bathroom is the registered place, wake up and take a picture of the bathroom.

Alternative Format Request

Students who have been approved for alternative text formats may receive those materials through the ATC. In order to get your textbooks and other class readings you must:

Make an appointment to meet with a counselor in the Office of Accessibility Services and be approved for that accommodation. 


Once approved, the student will meet with the coordinator of assistive technology.  Various options will be discussed depending on the needs of the student and what might be helpful.

For textbooks: Textbook conversion can take between 7 and 10 business days, and may take longer at the beginning of the semester. Students should submit their booklists by email or in person as soon as they know which textbooks they will need for their classes. Students may submit their booklists before purchasing their textbooks BUT the alternative formats will not be released to a student until they have shown proof of purchase or rental.

Textbooks will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will always try to request an electronic file from the publisher but in the case that the textbook is not available we may need the student’s physical copy of the textbook and may need to hold on to it for up to two weeks during alternative format conversion.