About Us


Adult Learner Support Services (ALSS) seeks to connect Adult Learners with the resources and community to succeed at Utah Valley University. We understand the journey to higher education varies per individual. Our goal is to provide support custom to your journey that may include:

  • Age 25-years and older
  • Financial independence
  • Parental status
  • Military connection
  • Full-time employment

Adult Learner Support Services

Portrait of Kaitlyn Russell

Kaitlyn Russell

Program Director - Adult Learner Support Services

Kaitlyn is our Program Director of Adult Learner Support Services. She also teaches in UVU’s Philosophy and Humanities department and coaches the Ethics Bowl Team. Kaitlyn holds degrees in Philosophy, Ethics, Humanities, and soon to be folklore. Her personal experience and dedication to our community has led to her volunteering and assisting with the Utah High School Ethics Bowl, various prison education programs, and is an advocate for our community both inside and outside of UVU.

A note from Kaitlyn

Having been an adult learner single parent myself, I understand the struggles, talents, and journey for our community. I came to UVU a little older, a lot more afraid, and very driven to do what seemed impossible - work full time, be a full time student, and juggle the responsibilities of adult life and family. While here, I found a love for not only my education but for helping other students like me pursue theirs. This discovery led to my leaving the automotive industry to come work for UVU. Having come from a background in trades, I understand the value in all types of education. Although it was a challenging and big shift in careers, both have contributed greatly to my family, my personal growth, and passion for UVU’s unique student body.

Portrait of Reagan Dugger

Reagan Dugger

Peer Advisor

Reagan is new to UVU, but not to higher education, and a junior pursuing a degree in Family Science with a minor in Sociology!

A note from Reagan

As a first-generation student, going to college always felt daunting to me – from picking a major, figuring out financial aid, and being able to maintain a balance. After some time off post-high school, I decided it was time to conquer my fears and go back to school. I started by getting my associate degree online, and after taking some additional years off, I transferred into UVU to work towards my bachelor's degree. Going to college isn't a linear path for everyone, and that's okay. Find what works for you and pursue your dreams at your own pace!

I’ve been married for over 6 years now, and outside of academics and helping awesome students, I enjoy spending time outdoors, reading, and baking sourdough!

Portrait of Rowan Hadlock

Rowan Hadlock

Peer Advisor

Rowan is a senior pursuing a degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in Ethics. They are a member of our Universities Ethics Bowl Team, taking home nationally ranked titles and noteworthy victories against schools like Harvard and The United States Naval Academy.

A note from Rowan

After earning an associate's degree from Snow College, I took a break from university which lasted longer than I anticipated. The longer I was away, the more nervous I became at the prospect of going back to earn my bachelor’s. Nearly a year into the global pandemic, my mom, who was enrolling to pursue her associate's at the time, suggested I take a look at some of the classes offered at UVU.. I enrolled for a couple of classes and quickly fell in love with UVU, the philosophy department, and fell back in love with my education. Once classes began trickling back onto campus, I was worried that, being in my mid-twenties, I would have a hard time finding community and success as an adult learner. My experience was quite the opposite. I met many students who shared similar experiences and found myself surrounded by a diverse and supportive community. It turns out having some time away from school and gaining a few years of life experience gave me a perspective which has contributed to my educational success and made participation in things such as Ethics Bowl even more valuable.

I spent two and a half years working as an Instructional Assistant and am excited to extend my passion for working with students into the realm of advisement. I probably spend a little too much time watching TV, but I also enjoy reading, writing, singing, and spending time outdoors near any body of water. Though my free time is best spent in the company of people I love.

Portrait of Gerolyn Ryan

Gerolyn Ryan

Peer Advisor

Gerolyn, currently a sophomore working towards a degree in Psychology, aspires to further her education to become a therapist. Her journey includes leaving behind a passionate and rewarding decade-long career as a dog groomer.

A note from Gerolyn

I enrolled at UVU at the age of 26, driven by newfound inspiration and a desire for personal growth. What began as a cost-effective choice soon transformed into a deep love for learning with a supportive community. Though the start was challenging, and I missed my previous career in dog grooming, I discovered my passion for helping others succeed. Raised in Utah, I can’t imagine a life without mountains and with my supportive husband, I continue to travel and explore the world's wonders. In my free time, I enjoy crafting, diving into true crime stories, and cherishing moments with friends and family.