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Wolverine Stories: David Shelley

Growing up in Utah, David Shelley never really felt like he fit in. But after several years and lots of experiences outside the state, he’s found a new home in Utah Valley University’s integrated studies program.

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Kari Dennis

Wolverine Stories: Kari Dennis

No matter what Kari Dennis is doing, she wants to make a difference in someone’s life.

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Wolverine Stories: Thomas Parry

Meet Thomas Parry — a UVU English student who started college at age 33 and overcame family hardship and major spinal surgery to become a published writer. Even while partially paralyzed during recovery, he thought, “At least I can still write.” Thomas’s perseverance and positivity are perfect examples of what it means to be a Wolverine.

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Wolverine Stories: David Parker

Meet David Parker — a former drug addict who got clean after leaving the film industry and is now pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor by studying biology at UVU. David now puts his experience healing from addiction into the science behind healing from cancer.

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Wolverine Stories: Britnee Bromley Nuehring

Meet Britnee Bromley Nuehring — mother, public relations specialist, and UVU Communication graduate. While eight months pregnant, she accepted the CODAawards People’s Choice Award for UVU’s Roots of Knowledge and served as president of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

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Wolverine Stories: April Kirk

Meet April Kirk — a UVU student whose hard work and positive attitude helped her overcome health problems, a math learning disability, and injuries from a car crash. Now pursuing a master’s degree in education at UVU, April proves that habits create character.

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I am now here at UVU, and I am ready to do my best part.

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Terri Sawyer


I tried desperately to stay home with my two kids but with $8 in my bank account, I knew my associate degree would not be enough to pay the bills.

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Justin Lewis photo


I was hungry for more learning and more knowledge. My desire to learn is part of what led me to UVU.

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Monique Barr


Sometimes you have to take a step into the dark and anticipate the light will move.

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