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Creating opportunities for everyone is at the core of Utah Valley University’s (UVU) commitment to advancement. Our division encompasses development, strategic engagement, and alumni relations.

UVU Institutional Advancement seeks to embody the University’s core values of exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results. Our commitment is to our students, and we strive to serve our alumni and friends in Utah and around the world.

Your gift matters at UVU. Each cent contributed, event attended, or story told about your experiences at UVU has an impact.

UVU’s greatest strength is our people. Home to more than 42,000+ students, this is the largest university in the state of Utah. Together, with your support, we are enabling students to reach their full potential.


UVU Vision Statement

Utah Valley University is an integrated university and community college that educates every student for success in work and life through excellence in engaged teaching, services, and scholarship.

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What is an endowment? A minimum of $25,000 is donated and then invested by the university, along with other endowed funds. A portion of the annual earnings is used for student or programmatic support. The remainder of the earned income is reinvested in the principal donated, allowing the initial investment to grow each year and provide perpetual support to the donor's cause of choice.


Kyle Reyes - Vice President of IA & CEO of the UVU Foundation

Welcome to the Utah Valley University (UVU) Division of Institutional Advancement.

Utah Valley University is a unique university dedicated to helping students achieve their potential. With almost 80% of graduates remaining in Utah 10 years after graduation, UVU is educating Utah’s future workforce.

Your gifts of time, talent, and advocacy help support UVU’s mission to educate every student for success in work and life through excellence in engaged teaching, services, and scholarship.

With the support of generous donors, our students can optimize their pursuit of higher education. Donor support helps to fund student-focused programs and scholarships, and it also enables the university to provide updated facilities, technology, and equipment.

Each donor is a valued partner in helping UVU reach our ambitious goals not only for today, but for generations to come. UVU strives to create an environment that exemplifies our motto: “A Place for You!” and to consistently demonstrate exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

Your support truly transforms the lives of UVU students such as Brantley Johnson, a junior studying accounting, who said, “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to continue to pursue my education and dreams. It is difficult being the only provider of my small family and this scholarship has proven that it is possible to have a family, work, and be a full-time student.”

There are multiple areas where your support is needed, including endowing scholarships, improving programs, and providing engagement opportunities.

If you have any questions about giving to UVU or want to share your story, please contact us at 801-863-8568 or by email at



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Kyle A. Reyes, PhD

CEO, UVU Foundation Inc.

Vice President, UVU Institutional Advancement

Kyle Reyes