Foundation Ambassadors

Foundation Student Ambassador Program

The Foundation Board recognized its ten outstanding past chairs by establishing the UVU Foundation Ambassador Endowed Scholarship. The recipients of this scholarship become UVU Foundation Student Ambassadors, charged with representing the institution at key events throughout the year. The scholarship is awarded to ten UVU students, one in the name of each board chair to honor the chairs' dedication and loyalty to the University.


The UVU Foundation Student Ambassador program aims to support the work of the UVU Foundation and the Division of Institutional Advancement through student ambassadorship-select students serving as the face of UVU and its students and telling the story of the University.


The program assembles a group of student leaders dedicated to UVU and its mission and eager to develop the skills for ambassadorship, to represent UVU, and to assist its administration. As a result of their participation, these students will become better prepared to serve in their professions and as leaders in their communities.


The program will establish and maintain a specially trained group of UVU students equipped to effectively represent the University in a strategic and uniformly branded way, with a goal of engaging current and prospective donors, friends, alumni, and VIPs. Ambassadorship will provide an experiential opportunity for students and will support UVU's mission of engaged learning.


  • Promote UVU's mission, academic excellence, and core themes.
  • Provide a positive link to students for donors and alumni at development, alumni, and presidential events and at the University in general. Assist during key campus events in any capacity necessary.
  • Represent the Foundation in philanthropic and fundraising efforts.
  • Promote the UVU Foundation Board, the Alumni Association Board, and other UVU advisory boards as needed.
  • Conduct campus tours for VIP visitors, current and prospective donors, and returning alumni.
  • Greet and welcome visitors to campus, specifically in the Alumni House.
  • Promote volunteer participation or attendance at UVU activities as directed.

Become a Foundation Ambassador

2023-2024 Foundation Ambassadors

profile image of Brooke Allman
Brooke Allman

Brooke Allman

Art & Design
Hometown: Orem, UT

Brooke Allman ’24 applied to become a Utah Valley University (UVU) Foundation Ambassador to help impart the blessings of higher education to others. Throughout her time at UVU, Brooke has proudly served as a Wolverine Ambassador and as the vice president of the Student Alumni Association Board. These positions have given Brooke invaluable experience cultivating her leadership skills, acquiring event planning and execution skills, and honing her ability to network with university alumni effectively.

Brooke’s extensive involvement in campus leadership initiatives has helped her facilitate direct connections with professors and students, which was important to her in her college selection process. “I prioritized finding a school that made the classroom experience engaging and enjoyable,” she said. “I am proud to say that UVU has met and exceeded these criteria, as I have developed personal relationships with my professors, discovered numerous scholarship opportunities, and eagerly anticipate attending class thanks to the school's dynamic and hands-on approach to learning.”

As the current communication specialist for the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, Brooke has had the opportunity to help raise awareness of legislative bills and spearhead events which contribute to the growth and prosperity of the valley. Following her graduation, Brooke hopes to contribute to the community by collaborating with small businesses and startups to assist them in achieving growth and success by delivering cost-effective and inventive marketing solutions.

profile image Porter Bischoff
Porter Bischoff

Porter Bischoff

Hometown: Heber City, UT

Porter Bischoff ’24 is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. Porter wanted to be a Utah Valley University (UVU) Foundation Ambassador because UVU has changed his life and career outlook, and he feels the need to share his love of the university with anyone who will listen.

Many meaningful involvement opportunities on campus have made Porter’s time at UVU impactful, including being an Honors Ambassador, the senior research lead of a campus research group, and a presidential intern for UVU Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Wayne Vaught. From these roles, Porter has met several mentors to whom he attributes much of his success as a student.

“Without my mentors at UVU, I would not have succeeded in my undergraduate experience,” Porter said. “I needed mentors to hold me and support me when going through tough times, and they outdid what I had hoped, literally picking me up off the ground and getting me on my feet. I feel like I am ready to be successful in the world, and it is all because of my mentors. UVU has changed my life, and I know that it can change the lives of anyone who attends here.”

Aside from his involvement at UVU, Porter is also a volunteer in the emergency room at the American Fork Hospital and volunteers his time with his local church group. Porter plans to apply for an M.D./Ph.D. program after he graduates and explore research opportunities at universities outside of Utah.

profile image Camila Brosio
Camila Brosio

Camila Brosio

Art and Design
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Camila Brosio ’24 followed in her mother’s footsteps when she enrolled at Utah Valley University (UVU). And just like her mother, she has loved UVU. Camila is pursuing a degree in art and design, with an emphasis in graphic design, and minors in marketing and art history. As an international student, she loves the diversity in UVU’s student body. She also has benefitted from the resources available, which allow her to pursue her passion for the arts.

Camila applied to be a UVU Foundation Ambassador so she could learn while broadening her experiences, engage in networking opportunities, and represent her country. She previously held a similar role at the university, serving as a Wolverine Ambassador where she worked with prospective students.

“I went out of my comfort zone in many ways, and I would do it all again,” Camila said when reflecting on her time at UVU thus far.

Along with her studies, she is an intern at Crumbl Cookies and actively participates with the UVU International Student Council, a student mentoring organization. Upon earning her degree from UVU, Camila plans to stay in the community and continue representing minorities.

profile image Mery Deilaire
Mery Deilaire

Mery Deilaire

Hometown: Santiago, Dominican Republic

Mery Deilaire 25’ is living proof of the ability to overcome anything to pursue one’s passions. In coming to Utah Valley University (UVU), many people told Mery she couldn’t make it. Although there were several times that she wanted to give up, because of the faith, passion, and love that Mery has for education, she has been able to push through every obstacle.

When she came to the United States from the Dominican Republic with a dream to get a higher education, Mery had to step out of her comfort zone to get involved on campus. Despite many discouraging struggles she faced at the beginning of her UVU experience as an international student, Mery has become a club ambassador, a member of the Multicultural Student Council, and a member of the Cultural Envoy Leadership Program.

“I faithfully believe in education and its ability to enable students to reach their full potential,” Mery said. “I want to help and encourage individuals who have been denied opportunities like my parents. When I came here, I felt lost and alone, but I didn’t let that stop me. I remembered who I was, and I remembered what my parents taught me: to never give up. Trying new things can be scary, but I am not afraid to work hard.”

After graduation, Mery plans to continue her education by getting a master’s degree or a Ph.D. She hopes to continue making a positive impact by working in her community.

profile image Taylor Fearn
Taylor Fearn

Taylor Fearn

Hometown: Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

Taylor Fearn ’25 is an international student from Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, in the Utah Valley University (UVU) Honors Program. When deciding where to continue her education after high school, she knew that UVU was the place for her because of its affordability, focus on community, and remarkable extra-curricular programs, which she has taken full advantage of.

During her time at UVU, Taylor has been an inclusion ambassador for UVUSA, a member of the Honors Program, an Honor’s Ambassador, a member of the Interfaith Council, and a presidential intern to Vice President of Digital Transformation Christina Baum. She was also awarded the highly competitive Station1 Frontiers Fellowship. These opportunities have allowed Taylor to find a community of people who could understand her, support her, and help her flourish despite the culture shock she initially struggled with when she came to Utah.

After graduation, Taylor plans to get her Ph.D. in bioinformatics and eventually work in research development, focusing on artificial intelligence and its applications in disease detection and personalized medical care.

“I wanted to be a Foundation Ambassador because it allowed me the opportunity to talk about the university that I love,” Taylor said. “Being a student ambassador will allow me to learn to communicate UVU’s story to a wide range of people, much like I will have to do with scientific research. This position offers me the opportunity to fine-tune those skills so that I can apply them to my future endeavors.”

profile image Abbi Gutierrez
Abbi Gutierrez

Abbi Gutierrez

Applied Mathematics
Hometown: Mexico City

Abigail Gutierrez Carmona ’24 is a first-generation student at Utah Valley University (UVU) majoring in applied mathematics with a minor in Spanish. Abigail firmly believes in President Astrid S. Tuminez’s message to students that asking for help is not a sign of weakness — it is an act of courage, strength, and intelligence.

Abigail loves UVU so much that she spends most of her time on campus. She has kept busy by being the president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, an assistant in the English Language Learning Program, the coordinator for the English Conversation Circle, and a tutor for the Supplemental Instruction Program. Off campus, she loves to dance bachata.

When asked why she wanted to be a Foundation Ambassador, Abigail said, “After spending my freshman year here, I fell in love with our campus, classes, and everything about the university. I became the biggest UVU fan and advocate, and I would like to give back by being a good representative for UVU.”

After graduating, Abigail wants to continue helping people. She would love to stay in higher education as either a professor or program coordinator so that she can help students achieve their goals.

profile image Sidney Hales
Sidney Hales

Sidney Hales

Digital Marketing
Hometown: Highland, UT

Sidney Hales ’24 is honored to return for her second year as a Utah Valley University (UVU) Foundation Ambassador. She has loved her experience working with the ambassador program and has been amazed to see all that goes on behind the scenes, along with the time and thought that goes into every aspect of the university.

“My most impactful moments at UVU have come from getting involved,” Sidney said. “UVU is always looking to include everyone with various interests and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved, which I love!”

As a first-generation college student, Sidney is proud of her accomplishment of the challenging task of putting herself through school without acquiring debt. She has managed an impressive balance of working various part-time and full-time jobs throughout her educational career. In her free time, Sydney enjoys volunteering in her community, spending time with family, playing sports, and traveling. Sydney has also had the pleasure of doing humanitarian work in Costa Rica, China, and Ecuador.

After graduating, Sidney plans to leverage her internship at The Green House, UVU’s student-run web design and marketing agency, to land a position with a marketing agency or within the marketing department of a company. Her current dream is to work for Crumbl’s marketing team.

profile image Skye King
Skye King

Skye King

English Education
Hometown: Cologne, Germany

Skye King ’26 came to Utah Valley University (UVU) after stumbling upon a video in which President Astrid S. Tuminez shared her story. She felt an immediate connection because of her similar experiences and was convinced that UVU was the place for her. Having grown up without a family in her teenage years, Skye is grateful to have found a place where she can feel at home for the first time in her life.

Skye applied to be a Foundation Ambassador to inspire others and show that UVU is a place where you can dream big. “UVU has shown me how successful I can be,” she said. “The environments that I’ve lived in before have been violent and unsupportive. Now that I am here at UVU, I’m surrounded by people that believe in me, and I finally have a chance to succeed.”

Attending various social, multicultural, and religious events on campus, as well as receiving support from UVU’s mental health services, have been a major blessing in Skye’s time as a student. These experiences have allowed her to meet a community with which she has been able to form meaningful relationships and be pushed to give her best every day. In her free time, Skye enjoys taking classes at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Institute and playing in her rock band.

After graduating, Skye wants to teach English, German, and Russian in high school. Skye also plans to get a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in English and Russian studies.

profile image Mohamed Toure
Mohamed Toure

Mohamed Toure

Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Bamako, Mali, West Africa

Mohamed Toure ’26 searched for universities in other countries after graduating high school. After his uncle told him how great it was, he chose to attend Utah Valley University (UVU). As a Foundation Ambassador, Mohamed is grateful for the opportunity to promote UVU’s mission, academic excellence, and core themes. Having experienced the transformative power of higher education as an international student, he’s passionate about sharing UVU’s story and being a representative for students.

“Through my various roles at UVU, such as being a student ambassador and member of the Student Council, I have been able to interact with a wide variety of people,” Mohamed said. “In addition to being able to make a positive contribution to the university community, these roles have provided me with the opportunity to advocate for the interests of my fellow learners. These experiences have allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the university and its community as well as learn the value of service and community engagement.”

Mohamed is very proud to be part of the UVU community and expresses his gratitude for the opportunities and support that the university has given him. Upon graduating from UVU, Mohamed plans to pursue a career in mechanical engineering to positively impact society by contributing to advancing new technology that improves the quality of life. He plans on earning his master’s degree to further develop the knowledge and skills he has gained from UVU.


profile image Lina Varionova
Lina Varionova

Lina Varionova

Hometown: Derazhnia, Ukraine

Lina Varionova ’24, grew up and attended college in Derazhnia, Ukraine until she learned about Utah Valley University (UVU). Her mother attended an Education Around the World event and brought home materials from UVU. After reviewing the materials, Varionova knew UVU was the place for her. Only four months later, she moved to Utah to attend. Despite facing challenges adjusting to living so far from home and learning the material for her classes in English, she displays a never-give-up attitude that has helped her overcome anything life presents to her.

During her time at UVU, Varionova has volunteered with the International Student Council (ISC) helping her peers make the adjustment to life at UVU.

Varionova is completing her associates of science degree while she prepares to apply for the nursing program. Upon graduation, she plans to go on a mission with the Red Cross before working as a nurse in a research hospital. She wanted to be a UVU Foundation Ambassador so she could “improve and make real changes to the campus.”

profile image Dez Walker
Dez Walker

Dez Walker

Musical Theatre Performance
Hometown: Joliet, Illinois

Dez Walker ’24 came to Utah Valley University (UVU) to pursue his dream of being an actor in either New York City or Los Angeles one day. He has formed a close bond with his cohort in the musical theatre program and is grateful for the long-lasting friendships and connections that he has gained at UVU.

As a Foundation Ambassador, Dez is excited to gain valuable experience to help him continue working toward his dreams. He is grateful for the opportunity to be a face for UVU and represent its mission of student success through exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

“I’ve been able to learn so many valuable skills from my mentors at UVU,” Dez said. “They’ve pushed me to be better and helped me reach many of my goals by praising my successes but also supporting me when I’ve failed.”

Using the experience he has gained from the many shows he has participated in at UVU, Dez hopes to be either an actor at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre or a performer on a cruise ship after he graduates. Dez hopes to start his own business someday to help students who want to apply for fine arts programs just like him.