About the A.S. Degree Program

The Associate in Science (AS) Engineering Design Technology degree seeks to assist interested students in their journey of completing several career goals and aspirations.  It serves a multi-disciplinary building industry and enables continued academic progress in upper division coursework through Bachelor’s degree programs.  The AS Engineering Design Technology degree offers students a choice of specializations from the following tracks:

  • Architectural Drafting and Design Track
  • Civil Drafting and Design Track
  • Mechanical Drafting and Design Track
  • Structural Drafting and Design Track
  • General Drafting and Design Track


This is not to be confused with The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Engineering Design Technology degree, which is similar in discipline but offers no choice in specialization and give the degree holder a more generalized knowledge of the field of study.


Alternatively, Certificates of Proficiency (CP) are offered in:

  • Civil Design Technology
  • Mechanical Design Technology
  • Structural Design Technology

These can be stand alone degrees but some of the course work can be applied to the larger AS Engineering Design Technology degree.

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