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If you love outdoor adventures, using the latest technology, and solving a good mystery you will love Surveying and Mapping.

This exciting career field encompasses such disciplines as land surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing (satellite and aerial imaging and laser scanning), geographic information systems (GIS), cartography, global positioning systems (GPS), and some parts of geography and civil engineering.

We integrate acquisition, modeling, analysis, and management of geospatial reference data. Licensed land surveyors have an obligation to protect the public and private real property rights, title, and interests. This often involves field investigation, data analysis, and application of boundary/property laws and legal principles pertaining to those properties


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September Geospatial Society Lecture Series

When: Wednesday, September 23rd at 7:00 pm

Where:  MS Teams meeting online (link to be published)

Who:  Kurt Williams, Cruise Outfitters

Topic:  “Navigating & Mapping Global Adventure Travel” (http://www.expeditions7.com/)

Note:  Because this will be a live streaming event there will be no refreshments served. Unless you serve them to yourself. J

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