Community Exams

Community Exams


The CLEP enables students to take tests in various areas and receive class credit depending upon the scores received. Testing Services will administer any of the CLEP tests.

First register through the CLEP website and then schedule an appointment with UVU Testing Services.

CLEP Website

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The DANTES (DSST) is a computer-based exam, distributed by Prometric, which allows students to receive college credit for various subjects without having to take the required courses. 

We are unable to administer the Principles of Public Speaking Exam, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Pearson Vue

Utah Valley University Testing Services is a Pearson VUE authorized test center. To register for a Pearson VUE exam on their website.

Pearson VUE hosts a variety of professional certification exams in various industry sectors. A full list of exams available through Pearson VUE can be accessed through their website. Some of the most common exams include but are not limited to: the GED, COMP TIA, and other certifications.

Pearson VUE Website


Utah now offers the GED® test on computer, to take and earn your GED® credential. The GED® test on computer offers test-takers a better testing experience, featuring:

  • Instant score results
  • 24/7 registration and scheduling online
  • Finish one section, move on to the next at your own pace

Utah Valley University Testing Services provides GED® testing through Pearson VUE. To register for the GED® test go to either Pearson Vue or GED® websited.

The GED® test must be taken in person, at an official GED® testing center.

Pearson VUE Website

GED Website

National Testing Network

Utah Valley University Testing Services is a National Testing Network test center that offers the following exams: Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Emergency Communications, Adult Corrections, and Juvenile Corrections.

Schedule through the National Testing Network website.


Police Officer Selection Test (POST)

Police Officer Selection Test is required for certain law enforcement departments and organizations.



Community Student

Testing for other Schools and Agencies


 The Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS) exams are given for certification of language proficiency. Please check with your school to make sure FLATS credits will be accepted.

First registered through BYU and then please allow at least two buisness days for BYU to send testing information. Then  schedule an appointment with UVU Testing Services. 


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Other Proctor Exams

BEFORE REGISTERING FOR AN EXAM - You must first email to confirm your exam information has been received and approved.  Only once you receive confirmation that your exam information is acceptable should continue to register for an appointment.    

The Exam Requirements and Guidelines contain information on what UVU Testing Services will need to be able to proctor an exam. UVU Testing services contact information can also be found in the Exam Requirments and Guidelines PDF. 

 In order to test at UVU Testing Services you click on the Testing Scheduling button, select Non-UVU Student, then choose Other Proctor Exams, schedule a time, and pay for the test.



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PSB-HOAE (No longer accepted at UVU)

 The PSB-HOAE is a test used by candidates applying to nursing and other health care programs. The exam evaluates candidates' knowledge and skills to help place them in health care education programs. 

UVU students wishing to enter the Dental Hygiene Program should not take the HOAE and must take the HSRT-N instead.  This exam is available to non UVU students or UVU students wishing to transfer the exam to another institution.


Dental Practice Test

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Additional PSB-HOAE Details


Weber Testing

Proctoring for Distance Ed students from Weber State University.

Be sure to request your exam through Weber ChiTester. 

In order to test at UVU Testing Services you click on the Testing Scheduling button, select Non-UVU Student, choose the Weber Chi, schedule a time, and pay for the test.

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