Program Application Information

Students who want to concentrate on a specific area of art and design can gain professional training at UVU through several specialized degrees. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees are four-year degrees for individuals with above-average abilities, who are looking for a competitive program to hone their skills.

Those who decide to earn a BFA in their field are typically prepared to enter the workforce at design firms, photography studios, or advertising. Others become self-employed artists, promoting their work through galleries, museums, exhibitions, and commissions. Some choose to pursue graduate studies to further their artistic development or to prepare to teach in higher education.

The BFA degrees require students to publicly display their work.

How to apply to the Art & Design Programs

To apply to the BFA program, students must first meet the core class requirements in The Department of Art & Design (consult with your academic advisor for details) and submit a portfolio for departmental BFA review. Students desiring to participate in the review should check the application links listed below. Portfolios are typically due around March in Spring Semester, although some programs also accept BFA students in the Fall.

Acceptance into the BFA program is based on a portfolio review and overall GPA of 2.0 or above with 3.0 GPA or above in ART and ARTH courses. Courses within the student’s area of emphasis must be completed with a C grade or above.

For graduation with a BFA degree, students must maintain the grade requirements listed above and receive a B grade or above for ART 499R BFA Project. For more information, contact the department academic advisors. Those not accepted into the program may apply up to two additional times for admission. A review is held in the fall for students not accepted in the spring. Students not accepted into the BFA program, or who are unable to fulfill the above requirements, may still pursue the more general BA/BS degrees.

Young boy painting on canvas

Scholarship Applications

Performance scholarships in The Department of Art & Design are primarily awarded to students who demonstrate significant talent above and beyond the average student. Scholarships are awarded based on performance and perceived potential. Below is the rubric for use in evaluating applicants:

Portfolio 60%
Grades 20%
Potential 20%

Additional factors to consider may be status in The Art & Design program, area of study, work ethic, and collegiality.

The department has the following seven areas of emphasis for study: art education, art history, graphic design, illustration, painting/drawing, photography, and sculpture/ceramics. Ideally, at least one student in each area should be awarded a scholarship. However, mitigating factors such as a limited number of applicants in an area or poor student portfolios may preclude this from occurring.

To be considered for an Art & Design scholarship, applicants must submit a UVU Scholarship Application through the UVU Scholarship link by March 1st, 2021.

Common reasons for performance scholarship ineligibility:

  • You are not registered as a full-time student (12 Credits).
  • You have already completed a bachelor’s degree.
  • You already received a full scholarship award.
  • You received a tuition waiver as a relative or employee.

Graduation Portfolio Review

All students seeking any Art & Design degree are required to submit a Graduating Student Portfolio (except for minors). Please read the Frequently Asked Questions document and download an instruction sheet (specific to your A&D degree) for more information.

Art & Design degree seekers will NOT receive their diploma if they do not submit a Graduating Student Portfolio. Portfolios are to be submitted only to your academic advisor.

Portfolio Submission Instructions

  1. Follow the portfolio preparation instructions for your specific degree.
  2. Label your files using the label conventions listed on the instruction sheet. Make sure to include the completed Graduating Portfolio Form (see link below). Label your completed Form PDF file with 1. your degree name (BFA, BS, AA, etc.) and 2. name (Last name, First Initial). Example: BFA_LASTNAME_F
  3. Email your Form + Portfolio files as attachments to this email address:
  4. You should receive an automatic email confirmation that your portfolio uploaded successfully within an hour. Your advisor will process your portfolio and check off this requirement in Wolverine track within a few days of submission. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your advisor. Portfolios are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday of finals week during graduating semester.
  5. [Optional] To submit your artwork for consideration as a featured UVU student artist, please submit the “Artist Permission Form.”

Step-by-step portfolio submission form

Walking gallery hosted in 4th Floor Gallery

Submit Your Work to the Galleries

We have two galleries in the GT building that students have the opportunity to display their art in. Visiting artists also display art. BFA shows are also displayed there. Information on how to apply to get your art there is below.

More Information

Once you have applied and received confirmation for your gallery times, look here for additional information and details on the floor plan, how to advertise your show, etc.

Any additional questions? Contact Jason Lanegan