• Electronic PAF is properly approved and has all appropriate information.
  • The department tracks and records use of vacation, sick leave and comp. time.
  • All full time employees complete an exit interview.
  • Access rights and signature authority are removed from terminating employees, and those employees return all building, office keys, and institution equipment (laptops, P-Cards, etc.) to the appropriate department.


  • Students and part-time employees do not work in excess of 28 hours per week and 123 hours per month.
  • Students attending on foreign student visas work less than 20 hours a week.
  • Correct procedures are used to log in to the Time and Attendance system (TIMs), including employees inputting their own time entries.
  • Employees correctly capture and record all time being worked in the TIMs system, without exception. 
  • The department Timekeeper reviews the time and attendance system regularly, including prior to each pay period.