Internal Audit Services


Required Audits:

Utah Board of Higher Education dictates that specific areas must be reviewed, as required by its policies. These audits are included in the annual audit plan.


Tips and Reported Concerns:

Internal Audit manages UVU’s anonymous reporting hotline, EthicsPoint. Internal Audit conducts fact-finding / investigates, or assigns to an appropriate campus department (People and Culture, Title IX, Academic  Affairs, etc.), reports from any source including EthicsPoint. Internal Audit follows up with the assigned department to ensure resolution.


If you would like to submit a concern, please reach out to us or go to: Report Concerns


Requested Audits:

Any UVU employee can request an audit. However, these requests generally come from UVU leadership. The scope of these audits vary based on the needs of the requestor, and is agreed upon before the audit begins.


Transfer Audits:

When a supervisor, executive, director, or other managerial role (generally over a large area) no longer works for UVU, Internal Audit may conduct a financial, operational, and/or compliance audit of the area. This review helps the new leadership during onboarding to better understand UVU, their department, and where there are some areas for improvement.


Planned Audits:

Internal Audit performs financial, operational, and compliance audits based on a risk assessment. See The Audit Process for more information. 



Consulting services differ from audit services in that our conclusions are generally only shared with the requestor. The scope is related to developing new or improved processes/systems, assessing the design or function of controls, and/or developing controls to better mitigate risk. Consulting projects typically have a narrow focus.