Land Speed Race Team Completes Build, Takes Bombshell Betty to Salt Flats

UVU LAND SPEED RACE TEAM has for spent the past year re-engineering six-time XO/GCC world class record holder, Bombshell Betty. Betty’s owner, Don Cash Jr, passed away on a Mt Everest descent in 2019. His daughter, Danielle Cash Cook, will pursue the goal of 200 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, picking up where her father left off. Our student team members have enjoyed collaborating with Don Cash, Sr.

Throughout this project, student team members have had an unequaled opportunity to advance their skills in diagnostics, mechanics, electronics, aerodynamics, and fabrication.


Bombshell Betty Specifications:

Body: 1952 Buick Super Riviera

Engine: 320ci Buick Straight-8

Transmission: Jerico 5-speed V-Gate Shifter

Header: Custom by Chip Nielsen Race Cars

Carburetors: Custom Holley 2-Barrel 350 cfm

Suspension: Cash Fab


               UVU Land Speed Race Team

Students                                         Hadley Tibbitts

Seth Harding                                 Andy Workman

Khristopher Jones                     Faculty/Staff

Zach Jones                                     Mike Elbert

Ryan Milburn                               Jeff Holm

Sam Milburn                                 Matt Holm

Bradley Nelson                            Todd Low

Gavin North                                   Chet Milburn

Jordan Olsen                                David Morris

James Spackman                        Kyle Sheetz


A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors & Supporters:

Cash Fab, Chip Nielsen Race Cars, Holley Performance, Fiber Nation Laser, UVU Machine Shop, Don Cash Sr, Danielle Cash Cook

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