FAA Transfer Request

UVU offers transfer credit for previously earned FAA certificates and ratings required by our curriculum. Students will need to complete and submit the FAA Transfer Credit Request Form. If you plan to submit a request form, please obtain proper documentation such as a copy or image of your earned certificate or rating to upload and attach to your request form. In some rare cases, copies of certificates are difficult to obtain. If this is the case, please upload a word document stating your full name and any previous names, birth date, and date range in which your certificate or rating was issued. We will use this information to research and verify validity through the FAA database.

To submit a credit transfer request, students must first be admitted to Utah Valley University. Once you have obtained a UVID, please fill out the form and click Submit.

NOTE: To prevent duplication of credits, please only submit your highest level of earned certificate and any individual ratings. For example, if you have completed the Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and Airline Transport Pilot, you only need to list the Airline Transport Pilot.