FAA flight training is required for students pursuing the Bachelor of Science - Professional Pilot or the Associate of Applied Science degree.

In addition to the standard UVU admission requirements, students should expect to complete additional steps to qualify and prepare for flight training. Online students will need to abide by the requirements of their chosen flight school.

R-ATP Approved

UVU has FAA authorization to provide the endorsement for the R-ATP Certificate at 1,000 hours of flight time, when requirements are met.

R-ATP Info & Requirements


fleet with hangar and timp in background

Requirements to Begin Part 141 Flight Training at UVU

The UVU flight training program is rigorous, time-intensive, and requires full commitment each semester. Due to limited flight slot availability, students must meet the following requirements to be selected for AVSC 1100 – Private Pilot Ground.

  • Must be currently admitted and enrolled in courses at UVU
  • Completed ENGL 1005/1010 and MATH 1030 or higher
  • Completed at least one semester of full-time study (12 credits in one semester) at UVU
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Possess an unrestricted first- or second-class FAA Airmen Medical Certificate and email a legible copy to your assigned advisor. Airmen medical examiners (AME) in Utah
    Note: All pilots and applicants are required to submit their information on FAAMedXPress and bring the confirmation with them to their medical exam.
  • If selected for AVSC 1100 you are required to take AVSC 1110 (Flight Private Pilot) the following semester. (For example: AVSC 1100 Summer - AVSC 1110 Fall)
  • Entrance directly into Instrument training is limited. Please speak with an aviation advisor.
  • UVU does not accept new students into commercial, multi-engine, or CFI training.

Flight Program Application

Application for each semester opens on the following dates:

  • Fall Semester - May 20th
  • Spring Semester - September 20th
  • Summer Semester - January 20th

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Students

Part 61 Concurrent Enrollment High Schools

CE Students will receive a grade from their high school faculty for college credit in AVSC 1100, Private Pilot Ground. (C- or higher)

Note: CE students are required to complete a semester at a college before they are eligible to apply for flight training at UVU. Depending when students complete CE AVSC 1100 will determine whether they will be required to retake AVSC 1100 at UVU.

Evaluation of CE student knowledge will be administered by the Chief Flight Instructor or a designated Assistant Chief Instructor prior to commencing flight training at UVU.

AVSC 1110 will be conducted per Part 141 standards. Additional ground training may be required as defined by those Part 141 standards.

Students with an FAA Private Pilot Certificate must apply for instrument flight training. Entry into the UVU flight training program is not guaranteed and is dependent on availability of training slots in the UVU Instrument training class.


Non-native English Speakers

English is the international language of aviation. Safety demands that all pilots be able to communicate clearly and concisely in English.