Local Students

Because UVU is a state institution, tuition and fee costs will vary depending on student residency status.

All students living in Utah must refer to current UVU tuition tables for tuition rates.

Current Tuition Rates

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Flight Training Fees - Local Students

For those pursuing flight training, be aware that course tuition and flight training costs are separate. In addition to the regular tuition rate, each level of training requires a flight course fee. Students who have completed flight training hours at another institution should speak with an aviation advisor for more information.

Please note that our flight course fees are subject to change and apply solely to students flying at the UVU facility.

*Proposed flight fees below are subject to Board of Trustees approval.

FALL 2024-SUMMER 2025 (proposed)

Online Students

We are pleased to offer competitive tuition costs for online students. Non-residents of Utah who are not attending UVU on campus qualify for the rates below. Tuition rates are subject to change.

Online Aviation Courses
$330 per credit

 Online General Education Courses
$188 per credit


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Flight Training Costs - Online Students

Online students who are pursuing flight training may select any flight school in their local area. Flight training costs are separate from UVU tuition costs and vary, depending on the flight school. We recommend that students research flight training options in their area to find a school that best meets their needs.

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