Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Technology Management

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours

General Education Courses

ENGL 1010 Introduction to Writing CC 3
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing CC 3
PHIL 2050 Ethics and Values IH 3
HLTH 1100 or PES 1097 Personal Health and Wellness TE or Fitness for Life FE 2
  Complete one of the following: 3
STAT 1040 Introduction to Statistics QL (Recommended) (3)  
STAT 1045 Introduction to Statistics QL (5)  
MATH 1050 College Algebra QL (4)  
MATH 1055 College Algebra QL (5)  
MATH 1090 College Algebra for Business QL (3)  
  Complete one of the following: 3
POLS 1000 American Heritage SS (3)  
POLS 1100 American National Government AS (3)  
HIST 1700 American Civilization AS (3)  
HIST 1740 US Economic History AS (3)  
HIST 2700 and HIST 2710 US History to 1877 AS and US History since 1877 AS (6)  
  Distribution courses: (Consult with an advisor)  
Biology   3
Physical Science AVSC 1850 Physics for Aviation (recommended) 3
Humanities ENGL 2310 (Recommended) 3
Fine Arts   3
Social/Behavioral Science (Recommended): MGMT 1010 Introduction to Business SS, or MGMT 2110 Interpersonal Communication SS, or ECON 2010 Microeconomics SS, or ECON 2020 Macroeconomics, or ENTR 2500 Creativity and Entrepreneurial Thinking, or TECH 1010 Understanding Technology PP, or MECH 1010 Fundamentals of Mechatronics 3
Additional Biology or Physical Science TECH 1010 Understanding Technology or METO 1010 Introduction to Meteorology (Recommended) 3
  General Education Subtotal: 35

Discipline Core Required Courses

TECH 3400 Project Management 3
TECH 3850 Quality Management in Technology (TM will waive prereqs for TM 3000 if student has passed ENGL 1010 w/C- or better. Math requirements in Gen Eds will match TM.) 3
AVSC 2150 Air Transportation Management 3
AVSC 3320 Aviation Managerial Accounting 3
AVSC 4500 (New) Aerospace Aftermarket Support Services 3
AVSC 4550 (New) Aerospace Vehicle Certification, Reliability, and Maintainability Systems 3
AVSC 4950 (New) Aerospace Technology Management Capstone Project 3
AVSC 410G Global Ethical and Professional Issues in Aviation GI 3
  Complete two of the following: 6
AVSC 3100 Corporate Aviation Management (3)  
AVSC 3020 Aviation Insurance and Risk Management (3)  
AVSC 3090 Airline and Dispatch Operations (3)  
AVSC 3310 Aviation Logistics Management (3)  
AVSC 3150 Principles of Aviation Management (3)  
AVSC 3350 Aviation Labor and Human Resources (3)  
AVSC 4160 Aviation Law (3)  
  Required Course Credit Hour Subtotal: 30

Technical Core Required Courses

Completion of Technical Specialty associated with FAA issued Airframe & Powerplant Maintenance Technician Certificate (issued under rules of FAR Part 65) OR Completion of an Associates in Science or an Associates of Applied Science Degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with a designated technical specialty associated with FAA issued (A&P Maintenance Technician Certificate) issued under the rules of FAR Part 147) or possess a license as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) (Cat B1) issued under EASA Part 66 regulations. A total not to exceed 45 credit hours will be awarded for evidence of the possession of the A&P or AME certificate. 45
  Required Course Credit Hour Subtotal: 45

Upper Division Electives (13 credits)

  Elective Credit Hour Subtotal: 13
  Core Curriculum 123