Messages in Canvas

Why Can't My Students See Canvas Messages ​from an Instructor AFTER the Semester is Over?

After a course ends (the official end date in Banner), your students are marked as ‘Concluded’ in Canvas. As an instructor, you will no longer be able to send students messages via the Canvas ‘inbox’ (Conversations tool) or even reply to messages from students. Students are able to send instructors messages after a Canvas course ends, and instructors can see those messages, but students will never see any replies from their instructors. It's very confusing because from the instructor's perspective, everything appears to be working, but the students will not see any messages/replies from the instructor.

For more information, you can visit the Canvas Community page​​ for sending messages inside of Canvas​; although, the only reference to this behavior is the 3rd bullet listed under 'Notes:' in the blue box.

​How Do I Communicate With My Students AFTER the Semester is Over?

Use Microsoft Teams or your UVU email to communicate with your students after the semester is over. These services remain active and usable after a semester is over.