Approved Technology

Learning Management System - Canvas

Canvas by Instructure is the official Learning Management System (LMS) of Utah Valley University and is the only LMS supported and approved by UVU for academic purposes.

No other LMS has been through UVU's stringent compliance review process, which includes analyses performed by persons representing UVU's legal department, data stewardship, purchasing, accessibility, systems administration, and the Academic Technology Steering Committee (ATSC).

New Software Approval Process

  1. Talk to ATSC representative
  2. ATSC Approval
  3. Accessibility review and approval
  4. Canvas integration if available and necessary

Video Conferencing & Communication

Microsoft Teams

This tool allows for remote meetings/classes, chat channels, a whiteboard feature and more! This can be accessed online, or you can download the software

Students may be added as guests to Teams by inviting them using their UVU email address.

Kaltura Live Classroom

This tool allows for remote meetings and collaboration of files. This can be accessed online. To record videos you can learn about Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Live Classroom training can be found here.

Students will be able to join the online classroom right through canvas without having to install any software.

Other Video Software

UVU does not have official technology support or data sharing agreements for FERPA protections with any other third-party conferencing software (such as Zoom, Hangouts, Discord, etc.). We will not support Canvas integration and support with other tools.



Zoom is not an approved nor supported video conferencing solution for employee or student use. We are not considering adding Zoom to our suite of products. Learn More

Other Approved Technologies


  • Build simple or complex surveys that fulfill a variety of research needs. 
  • Over 85 question types
  • Easily distribute
  • Review and analyze collected data.
  • Real time collaboration


  • Proctored exams and quizzes in Canvas
  • Accessable 24/7
  • Includes a lock down browser to prevent access to unapproved materials during exams.
  • Testing sessions are recorded and software flags any suspicious behaviors for the professor to review.
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Integrated Materials (LTIs)

Approved Publishers


Request a New Publisher

You can request a new publisher by filling out the Inclusive Access Request for Canvas Course Material Integration here.