Cross-listing Courses in Canvas

How it Works

Some instructors have a preference to cross-list, or combine, two or more sections in Canvas. Combining sections in Canvas can make grading and updating content easier throughout a semester. TAs can be restricting to grading only a single section if applicable. Different deadlines for assessments can be given to different sections if needed.  Assessments may also be selectively released to individual students.

Cross-listed sections are designed by an “-XLIST” after the name of the course in Canvas. Cross-listing occurs automatically for Live Interactive courses only.  All other courses will need to request cross-listing each and every semester.

The request to cross-list should come after your teaching schedule is finalized but before you begin uploading or copying content into the cross-listed course. Usually this occurs 1-2 weeks before the semester begins.

Cross-listing limitations

Cross-listing may not be done under the following circumstances:

  1. Two sections may not be cross-listed if they are offered in different formats. For example, an online section and a face-to-face section may not be cross-listed.
  2. The request is too far in advance of the semester.
  3. Student work has been submitted in the section already.
  4. The request would cause an undue burden on support staff as determined by Academic IT.
  5. Courses, once cross-listed, will not be uncross-listed unless the instructor of record changes in any of the sections.

Some general disadvantages to cross-listing include:

  1. Some features in Canvas will work more slowly as the number of students increases.
  2. Discussion boards may need to be restructured to account for the additional students; contact the Office of Teaching and Learning for more information.
  3. Less customization per section.


Request a Cross-listing


You can request that a course is cross-listed by using the form at this link: 

Request Cross-listing

Please allow for two business days to process the request.