CET Excellence Award Winners and Valedictorians - Prior Years

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Below is sorted by the prior year and then after that is an archive of earlier years

CET Excellence Awards Last Year

Name Department Award Award Year
Craig Bell CS Adjunct Excellence 2022-23
Sayeed Sajal CS Faculty Excellence 2022-23
Mohammad Shekaramiz ENGR Faculty Excellence 2022-23
Lynn Thackeray CS Lecturer Excellence 2022-23
Brandon Ro AED Scholarship Excellence 2022-23
Eric Linfield CT Service Excellence 2022-23
Joyce Porter Advising Staff Excellence 2022-23
Shelley Throckmorton CS Staff Excellence 2022-23
Emily Hedrick DGM Teaching Excellence 2022-23


CET Excellence Awards Historic

Name Department Award Award Year
Saul Motano TT Adjunct Excellence 2021-22
Emily Hedrick DGM Service Excellence 2021-22
Masood Amin ENGR Service Excellence 2021-22
Arlene Arenaz Advising Staff Excellence 2021-22
Kellie Johnson TM Staff Excellence 2021-22
Owen Peterson DGM Teaching Excellence 2021-22
Tyler Bird ET Teaching Excellence 2021-22
Ben Willardson ENGR Alumni Outstanding Educator 2020-21
Kodey Crandall IST Scholarship Excellence 2020-21
Matt North IST Service Excellence 2020-21
Megan Stanley Advising Staff Excellence 2020-21
Terry Hill CS Staff Excellence 2020-21
Jonathan Allred AED Teaching Excellence 2020-21
Eric Oliver DGM Adjunct Excellence 2019-20
Tim Ringger AED Adjunct Excellence 2019-20
Michael F. Harper DGM Alumni Outstanding Educator 2019-20
Dan McDonald IST Faculty Excellence 2019-20
Duane Andersen DGM Faculty Excellence 2019-20
James A. Cox CT Faculty Excellence 2019-20
Jingpeng Tang CS Scholarship Excellence 2019-20
Meghan R. Roddy CAI Service Excellence 2019-20
Katreena Davis TT Staff Excellence 2019-20
Carolyn H. Kuehne TM Teaching Excellence 2019-20
David Heldenbrand CS Teaching Excellence 2019-20
Bryan Sansom DGM Adjunct Excellence 2018-19
Marshall Krebs IST Adjunct Excellence 2018-19
David Wagstaff CS Alumni Outstanding Educator 2018-19
Dan Hatch DGM Faculty Excellence 2018-19
Jan Bentley IST Faculty Excellence 2018-19
Reza Kamali CS Faculty Excellence 2018-19
Susan Thackeray TM Faculty Excellence 2018-19
Chuck Allison CS Scholarship Excellence 2018-19
Dan Hatch DGM Service Excellence 2018-19
Donna Cornia Dean's Office Staff Excellence 2018-19
Darin Taylor AED Teaching Excellence 2018-19
George Rudolph CS Teaching Excellence 2018-19
Christian Fredrickson IST Adjunct Excellence 2017-18
Dewey Lundahl ET Adjunct Excellence 2017-18
Matt North IST Alumni Outstanding Educator 2017-18
Angela Trego TECH Faculty Excellence 2017-18
Sowmya Selvarajan AED Faculty Excellence 2017-18
Basil Hamdan IST Scholarship Excellence 2017-18
Sean Tolman ENGR Service Excellence 2017-18
Marianna Henry Advising Staff Excellence 2017-18
Terrance Orr TT Teaching Excellence 2017-18
Dana Doggett CS Adjunct Excellence 2016-17
Todd Low TT Alumni Outstanding Educator 2016-17
Afsanah Minaie ENGR Faculty Excellence 2016-17
Reza Kamali-Sarvestani CS Scholarship Excellence 2016-17
Todd Leonard CAI Service Excellence 2016-17
Cody Thatcher CAI Staff Excellence 2016-17
Robert Price AED Teaching Excellence 2016-17
Carolyn H. Kuehne TM Adjunct Excellence 2015-16
Charles Allison CS Alumni Outstanding Educator 2015-16
Mike Wisland DGM Faculty Excellence 2015-16
Robert Trim AED Scholarship Excellence 2015-16
DeWayne Erdmann CT Service Excellence 2015-16
David Porter   Staff Excellence 2015-16
Dan McDonald IST Teaching Excellence 2015-16
Carrie Lee Peterson   Adjunct Excellence 2014-15
Curtis Welborn   Alumni Outstanding Educator 2014-15
John E. Anderson IST Faculty Excellence 2014-15
Peter Sproul CS Scholarship Excellence 2014-15
Sowmya Selvarajan AED Service Excellence 2014-15
Jamie Winn Dean's Office Staff Excellence 2014-15
L. Rodayne Esmay DGM Teaching Excellence 2014-15
Jonathan Allred AED Adjunct Excellence 2013-14
Arlen Card DGM Alumni Outstanding Educator 2013-14
Anne Arendt TM Faculty Excellence 2013-14
Timathy Stanley   Scholarship Excellence 2013-14
Kelly Baird CMGT Service Excellence 2013-14
Cheryl Levi IST Staff Excellence 2013-14
Howard Bezzant AED Teaching Excellence 2013-14
Rory Henrie   Adjunct Excellence 2012-13
Chuck Allison CS Alumni Outstanding Educator 2012-13
Keith Mulbery IST Faculty Excellence 2012-13
Neil Harrison CS Scholarship Excellence 2012-13
Robert Dunn   Service Excellence 2012-13
Jim McCulloch   Staff Excellence 2012-13
Arlen Card DGM Teaching Excellence 2012-13
James Jackson AED Adjunct Excellence 2011-12
Matthew Duffin   Alumni Outstanding Educator 2011-12
Michael Harper DGM Faculty Excellence 2011-12
Curtis Welborn   Scholarship Excellence 2011-12
Dennis Lisonbee DGM Service Excellence 2011-12
Eric Russell   Teaching Excellence 2011-12
Tim Ringger   Adjunct Excellence 2010-11
Pat Ormond IST Alumni Outstanding Educator 2010-11
Steve Allred   Faculty Excellence 2010-11
John Anderson IST Scholarship Excellence 2010-11
Gary Noll   Service Excellence 2010-11
Wendy Farnsworth   Staff Excellence 2010-11
Sid Smith AED Teaching Excellence 2010-11
Wade Raab   Adjunct Excellence 2009-10
Dennis Lisonbee DGM Alumni Outstanding Educator 2009-10
Cheryl Hanewicz TECH Faculty Excellence 2009-10
Gary Naisbitt   Scholarship Excellence 2009-10
David Johnson   Service Excellence 2009-10
Mario Markides   Staff Excellence 2009-10
Jim Green   Teaching Excellence 2009-10
Gary Buckway   Adjunct Excellence 2008-09
Mike Wisland DGM Alumni Outstanding Educator 2008-09
Pat Ormond IST Faculty Excellence 2008-09
Jeff Cold IST Scholarship Excellence 2008-09
Darin Taylor AED Service Excellence 2008-09
Alesha Healey   Staff Excellence 2008-09
Afsaneh Minaie ENGR Teaching Excellence 2008-09
DeDe Smith IST Adjunct Excellence 2007-08
David Heldenbrand   Alumni Outstanding Educator 2007-08
Neil Harrison CS Faculty Excellence 2007-08
Cynthia Krebs IST Scholarship Excellence 2007-08
Kim Bartholomew IST Service Excellence 2007-08
Ben Burk IT STAFF Staff Excellence 2007-08
Keith Mulbery IST Teaching Excellence 2007-08
Kent Walker   Adjunct Excellence 2006-07
John MacLean   Alumni Outstanding Educator 2006-07
Abraham Teng   Faculty Excellence 2006-07
Keith Mulbery IST Scholarship Excellence 2006-07
Jan Bentley IST Service Excellence 2006-07
Gloria Schneider DGM Staff Excellence 2006-07
Pat Ormond IST Teaching Excellence 2006-07
John MacLean   Adjunct Excellence 2005-06
Jan Bentley IST Alumni Outstanding Educator 2005-06
Michael Harper DGM Faculty Excellence 2005-06
Christopher G. Jones   Scholarship Excellence 2005-06
Pat Ormond IST Service Excellence 2005-06
Jamie B. Winn Dean's Office Staff Excellence 2005-06
Robert Campbell   Teaching Excellence 2005-06

CET Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Awards

The purpose of the Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Award is to recognize full-time and adjunct faculty who have made significant contributions to UVU's mission through demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. Learn more about the faculty senate faculty excellence awards

CET Faculty Senate Faculty Excellece  Award Winners for 2021-2022


  • Masood Amin
  • Todd Leonard
  • Kyle Merill*


  • Saul Montano

CET Faculty Senate Faculty Excellece  Award Winners for 2020-2021

Full-time/Tenured Track

  • William Otto
  • Jonathan Allred
  • Mohammad A. Sherkat Masoum


  • Seth McCulloch

CET Student Excellence Awards

Student Excellence Award Winners Last Year

Name Department Major Award Award Year
Dallin R. Hansen  AED   Student Excellence 2022-23
David "Buddy" Conner  AVN   Student Excellence 2022-23
Nicholas Robertson CAI   Student Excellence 2022-23
Jaden Wilcox CS   Student Excellence 2022-23
Cody Morgan  CT   Student Excellence 2022-23
Dylan Smith  DGM   Student Excellence 2022-23
Easton D. Smith  ENGR   Student Excellence 2022-23
Adam J. Neff  ET   Student Excellence 2022-23
David Loper IST   Student Excellence 2022-23
Trevor Western TM   Student Excellence 2022-23
Andrew Brune TT   Student Excellence 2022-23
Mallory Duda TM   Graduate Student Excellence 2022-23
Jacob Stephens IST   Graduate Student Excellence 2022-23
Christopher Nagel CS   Graduate Student Excellence 2022-23

CET Valedictorians Last Year

CET Bachelor Valedictorians

Student Dept Major Year
Kayson Scott Christensen ENGR Mechanical Engineering 2022-23

CET Associate Valedictorians

Student Dept. Major Year
Isaac Joshua Allen ET MENT 2022-23

Student Excellence Award Winners Archive

Name Department Major Award Award Year
Denouement Padilla AED   Student Excellence 2021-22
Adam Schade AVN   Student Excellence 2021-22
Ava R. Decker CS   Student Excellence 2021-22
Timothy Joshua Seyster CT   Student Excellence 2021-22
Lindsay Peck CAI   Student Excellence 2021-22
Sara Runyan DGM   Student Excellence 2021-22
Taylor Seipel ENGR   Student Excellence 2021-22
Madeline Nelson ET   Student Excellence 2021-22
Austin Richard Anderson IST   Student Excellence 2021-22
Daniel Monreal TM   Student Excellence 2021-22
Richard Jackson TT   Student Excellence 2021-22
Carlos Guirado     Student Excellence 2020-21
Dohoun Kim     Student Excellence 2020-21
Haley Rencher     Student Excellence 2020-21
Joseph Jacob Lattuga     Student Excellence 2020-21
Laurie Lythgoe     Student Excellence 2020-21
Maegan Tingy     Student Excellence 2020-21
Mallory Nicole Duda     Student Excellence 2020-21
Shawn Weeks     Student Excellence 2020-21
Skye Slade     Student Excellence 2020-21

CET Valedictorians Archive

CET Bachelor Valedictorians  
Student Dept Major Year
Tu Phan ENGR  Electrical Engineering 2021-22
Hunter S. Brown CT Construction Management 2020-21
Rachel Billings TM Technology Management 2019-20
Michael Stewart AED    2018-19
Richard S. Johnson   2017-18
Matthew Wright   2016-17
Michael Rankin   2015-16
Ryan P. Greenwood   2014-15
Dustin J. Lewis   2013-14
Angela Roberts   2012-13
Peter Geilman   2011-12
Craig Humphreys   2010-11
Matthew Allphin   2009-10
Lacie A. Sorensen   2008-09
Chad Benson   2007-08
Alyssa Woodbury-Markham 2006-07
Jonathan D. Moon   2005-06

CET Associate Valedictorians 

Name Dept. Major Year
Jeremy Michael Goff IST   2021-22
James Michael Spackman TT Automotive 2020-21
Nathan Meigs   2019-20
Connor Bilson   2018-19
Madeline Black   2017-18
Cynthia Wilson   2016-17
Justin T. Lewis   2015-16
William James Nielsen III   2014-15
Marc L. Perry   2013-14
Mariel Peterson   2012-13
Brian Mecham   2011-12
David Plagge   2010-11
Kristen Woods   2009-10
Douglas M. Nordin   2008-09
LeGrand W. Hunsaker   2007-08
Ashley Riddle   2006-07
James A. Giles   2005-06