How Do You Survive Your First Year at College?

Your first year or even just your first semester at
college can be daunting and hectic. Let’s us try to
give you some tips and tricks to help you get
through your first day and the rest of the year!

How Do I Make Changes to My Schedule?/ 
Helpful Tips for Class Schedules

It is good to know what can be a good support 
for classes and how to make changes to your 
schedule if things are not working for you.

How can I use the MyUVU platform to my 

Let’s go over some things you can find in your 
MyUVU and what things are going to be the most 

What are the most important things to know 
about Canvas?

Here are the quick tips and items in canvas 
that help students the most

Where can I find Textbooks and How Can I 
Succeed In Class?

Here are some helpful tips to help you succeed 
in class, as well as ways to find textbooks.

Where can I find extra help on campus?

We have many tutoring centers on 
campus. Any extra information can be 
found at Academic Tutoring.

How Do I Have fun but also stay on track with 

Here are some activities on campus you can do 
and how to help balance school and social 

How can I learn to manage my time?

Let’s talk about some tricks to staying on 
time and managing everything that goes 
on during the school year!