We carry out this mission by offering academic degrees, certificates, and courses, including service and general education courses, and opportunities for collaborative research by students and faculty, in an atmosphere which encourages innovation and which creates opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to attain their personal and professional goals.

Message from the Dean

I am excited to reflect on the incredible impact our graduates are making in the world. While many of our students initially come to us with the goal of becoming medical doctors, we encourage them to explore the wide range of opportunities available to them in every field of science. Our graduates are making a difference in countless ways, from working as physicians and scientists in Utah’s thriving biomedical industry to developing products for nutraceutical companies to identifying valuable mineral resources. They are helping to ensure a safe water supply, leading the way in the outdoor recreation economy, and conducting analyses that help a variety of industries thrive. And, of course, graduates from all of our departments are teaching at the secondary level, shaping the minds of future generations. The common thread among all of our graduates is their desire to help people. While many of them do go on to become doctors, they also recognize that every field of science provides opportunities to make a difference in the world. They are using their knowledge and skills to keep people healthy and safe, to grow and maintain a healthy economy, and to educate and inspire others. As we move forward, I am proud to lead a college that is making Utah healthier and wealthier through the pursuit of scientific knowledge. I look forward to another year of growth and achievement, and I encourage each and every one of you to explore the many opportunities available to you in the College of Science.

Dr. Danny Horns

Dean, College of Science
Professional Profile
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 801-863-8582
Office: SB 241

Dr. Danny Horns - Dean, College of Science

Mission Objectives


Develop Courses to Succeed

Create courses and programs for students' success in science careers or advanced studies.

Engaging and Inclusive

Foster engaging and inclusive teaching for better learning and retention.

Opportunities Outside the Classroom

Enhance teaching with hands-on, out-of-class learning experiences.

Facilitate Research

Support faculty expertise in research and teaching through training

Advise to Completion

Improve degree completion with effective advising.

Promote Science Education

Advance science and science education through K-12 and public outreach.

Secure Needed Resources

Foster support, partnerships, and resources to fulfill the College of Science's mission.

Consistent Messaging

Establish a cohesive brand identity and message through marketing and communications.

College of Science Objectives

Infographic: 400+ students conduct faculty-mentored research in the college of science every year. most common majors are: biology, excercise science, and math. There are almost 3000 students majoring in the sciences.  45% of College of Science students are pursueing graduate degrees within a year of graduating

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