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Your Academic Advisor is there to help guide you through your college degree program and assist you in making progress towards your academic goals. She or he is a resource, in addition to the course catalog and Wolverine Track degree audit system, to help you understand the requirements for your degree. She or he will explain your options and make suggestions.

Natalie and Gae can provide personalized assistance, including information on how classes you have already taken apply towards your degree. You should make an appointment to meet with one of our advisors as soon as possible if you're considering this program. Your meeting with them can be more productive if you have researched the degree in the catalog, looked at a degree evaluation in Wolverine Track, and browsed through the degree links on this website.

advisor talking to students


If you are a new or transfer student, please review the following criteria to ensure you are prepared for your first meeting with your Academic Advisor. If you are a returning student and it has been more than 3 years since you last attended you will also want to review the following.

  1. Have you been admitted to UVU? 
    If "Yes" proceed to #2 
    If "No" visit the admission website
  2. Have your transcripts been sent to UVU? 
    If "Yes" proceed to #3.
    If "No" please contact your previous institutions and request that transcripts be sent to UVU Admissions.
    Please note that official transcripts from all previously attended institutions must be sent to UVU, including High School.
  3. Are your test scores on the system?
    Have official copies of your ACT or SAT scores been sent to UVU? If "Yes" proceed to #4.
    If "No" please contact your high school or ACT/SAT for instructions on requesting these scores. 
    If you have not taken these tests, you may need to take the UVU assessment exam. More information regarding Accuplacer — UVU's assessment exam — may be found on the testing services website
  4. Have you completed the Online Orientation?
    Prior to meeting with your advisor you should complete the Online Orientation.  
    For more information, visit the orientation website
  5. Meeting with your Advisor
    Now you are ready for your first meeting with an Academic Advisor. 
    To schedule an appointment please call the front office at 801-863-5717.


When do you meet with students?

We meet with students throughout the calendar year. Typically we are in the office Monday–Friday, 9:00 AM–4:00 PM. During peak times, such as the beginning of the term, we will not schedule appointments and only take walk-ins (see below for more info). Appointments usually last 30 minutes. Please come prepared with your UVID number and any questions that you may have.

What if I am out-of-state or I cannot make it to campus during that time?

If you are out-of-state, you can schedule a phone appointment. If you cannot meet during our standard times, please contact us for other options.

I have an appointment, but am running just a few minutes late. Will that be a problem? 

If you are running late please contact the CHSS Advising Suite (801-863-5717) so that we know to expect you. However, if you will be more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, we ask that you reschedule.

What if I just have a quick question?


Please feel free to email, call, or stop by. However, we may inform you that an appointment is necessary to fully address your issue. If you have a general question about a course (such as if you qualify to take COMM 1020), the front office staff can easily assist you with this and an appointment will not be necessary. If you are unsure, speak with someone in the front office—they can determine whether an appointment will be necessary.

Can I call or email you?

Of course! Jared and Gae’s information is below.

Jared Haskell (Public Relations and Strategic Communication Advisor):, (801) 863-5891

Gae Robinson (Applied communication Advisor):, (801) 863-6403

Please keep in mind that advisors do not answer phone calls while meeting with students and the majority of their days are spent doing just that. If you get the answering machine, please leave a detailed message including your full name, UVID number, phone number, and question. The same goes for email. Also, be aware that it may take up to 24 hours for her to respond (48 hours during peak times and 72 hours during the weekend).

What and when are walk-ins? 

Walk-in hours are hours during which students can meet with the advisor on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contacting the Department of Communication or the CHSS Advising suite to confirm walk-in hours before arriving. Walk-ins generally last 15 minutes per student. Should your issue require more time to be addressed, we will ask you to make an appointment.

I have a hold. What can you do?

Holds are placed on student records for a variety of reasons. Most of the time there is some action that must be taken for the hold to be removed. If you are a new student, you must meet with your advisor in order for the hold to be removed (this can be over the phone if you are out-of-state). If it is an academic hold, please see Academic Standards for more information; students are often required to complete a workshop for this type of hold to be removed.

Can/how do I late add?

The Department of Communication does not allow late adds for Communication courses.