The UVU Public Speaking Lab offers students enrolled in the Public Speaking Course (COMM 1020) an opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback about their speeches from trained Public Speaking Lab Mentors and communication faculty members. Students can schedule appointments to: (1) Practice oral delivery, (2) Receive outline assistance, (3) Topic selection guidance, and/or (4) Help finding and citing sources.

Students in our COMM 1020 are encouraged to schedule multiple appointments throughout the course of the semester. Our lab is equipped with technology that allows practice with the use of presentation aids as well as video recording software that can live stream a public speaking performance. Mentors help guide students to clarify the purpose of their speech, increase concrete detail, and strengthen structure. Overall, the goal of the UVU Public Speaking Lab is to help reduce public speaking anxiety, increase performance, and ultimately help students to receive the best possible grade in COMM 1020.


For instructions on how to schedule an appointment, please visit:

To schedule an appointment, please use the application below.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Speaking Lab Director, Jordan Makin, at