What is the Communication Internship Class? 

The Communication Internship (COMM 481R) course highlights skills and topics related to the study of communication.  As such, this internship experience should solidify the practice, application, and/or understanding of communication. Examples include (but are not limited to): writing, editing, teaching, training, data collection/analysis, organizing, even planning, and researching. Students must obtain approval from the COMM Department and the UVU Internship Office to enroll. Students can enroll in either a 3-credit or 6-credit internship based on the hours completed. The deadlines to apply are below.

Fall Internships: August 1

Spring Internships: January 1

Summer Internships May 1

To learn more, please contact the department's internship coordinators, Professor Juliann Fritz ([email protected]) and Professor Brent Austin ([email protected])

Current Opportunities

Find a current internship by talking to your professors, the CHSS Internship Coordinator, talking to friends and family, and also looking at online job boards. Here are helpful links to start looking for an internship: 



Why should I intern?

In today's competitive job market, it's extremely important for students to not only obtain a college degree, but also obtain applicable work experience to show potential employers you have the skills necessary to succeed on "day one" of your career. An internship allows you to apply the skills you have learned in your classes in a more professional and "real world" setting. Former and current interns have consistently said that the internship course prepared them for their career by exposing them to unique opportunities only available in a work environment.

The Department of Communication works with the internship offices at the college and university-level to provide students with the most up-to-date internship information and opportunities. To keep up to date with current internship opportunities, please visit the sites below. 


UVU Internship Office     CHSS Internship Office     Communication's Facebook Page     Communication's Instagram

What Qualifies?

The best way to assess an internship experience is to consider what tasks the internship will include, and how those tasks relate to various COMM courses a student has taken. If a student can successfully connect various COMM courses to the requirements of the internship experience, it is likely the experience will be approved.

Beyond assessing tasks, job titles can offer insight to what the experience will entail. The following is a list of internship job titles past UVU COMM students have held:

  • Administrative Support
  • Event Planning
  • Communications Intern/Specialist
  • PR Intern/Specialist
  • Marketing Intern/Specialist
  • Assistant Researcher
  • Sports Marketing Intern
  • Social Media/Data Entry Technician
  • Documentation and Communication Specialist
  • Presidential Intern
  • Convention Coordinator
  • Project Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Senate Intern
  • Account Manager
  • Corporate and Community Intern
  • Trainer
  • News Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Editorial Manager
  • Utah Legislature Intern
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Visual Editor

The experience should be associated with an organization.


All students preparing for a COMM 481R must complete (1) an internship application, and (2) an onboarding course that will then provide them with a CRN code (a six-digit code) which they can use to register for the internship. Once registered, the internship course includes writing learning objectives for the internship experience, reading a book and connecting it to the internship experience, and a reflection paper/video.


Are internships required in the COMM Department?

No, internship experiences are no longer a requirement for a COMM degree. However, internships offer a remarkable way to stand out from the crowd with “real world” experience.

I’m interested in completing an internship but I don’t know where to look for one. Can you help?

Yes! A great place to start the UVU Internship Office. They have a listing of agencies that you can look through (see their website here: https://www.uvu.edu/internships/). Another place to look is: uvu.edu/internships/highimpact

Can I complete an internship with my current employer?

Yes, as long as it’s a new or different experience/role from your typical day job. Please email Dr. Jessica Pauly ([email protected]) if you have questions on what “counts” and what doesn’t.

Can paid internships count?


I’ve already had an internship. Can I have another one?

Yes! Students can take up to 6 credit hours for internships (i.e., two 3-credit internships or one 6-credit internship).

Can I register for an internship outside of the regular registration timeline for courses?

Unfortunately, the Department of Communication does not allow “late adds.” In order to ensure students obtain the best internship experience possible, students must complete the internship application by the deadlines below.
  • Spring Internships: January  1
  • Summer Internships: May1
  • Fall Internships: August 1.

Who oversees Communication Internships?

Prof. Brent Austin ([email protected])
Prof. Kim Hanson ([email protected])