About CPL

  • Prior Learning includes knowledge, competencies, and skills acquired through formal or informal education outside a traditional academic environment or at the initiative of the individual learner, including through participation in employer training programs, military service, and independent study.  
  • Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is assessed by a proven, validated process (Prior Learning Assessment, PLA) through which faculty subject matter experts evaluate a student's previously learned competencies in a particular field and grant college credit when appropriate. 
  • Credit for Prior Learning is determined by each department within the context of their mission, roles, student needs, and academic program. Undergraduate students must be admitted and enrolled at UVU to be eligible to earn CPL credits. The number of credits earned through prior learning awarded may be limited. Some limitations may be imposed by the student degree plan. 
  • Credit for Prior Learning is awarded through:
    • Transfer Credit (Block Transfer, Course-to-Course, Specific to Elective Course, Military) and/or
    • Proficiency Credit (Training, Certifications, 3rd party evaluations, Standardized exams, Institutional Exams and Individualized Assessments (challenge exams


CPL is ideal for:

  • Displaced workers
  • Military veterans
  • Working professionals
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Returning students

Benefits of Prior Learning:

  • Save time: Shorten the time for you to graduate.
  • Save money: Take advantage of significant savings on tuition costs.
  • Gain understanding: Recognize the value of your acquired learning through your non-academic knowledge.
  • Value knowledge: Earning credit through CPL helps you find value in lifelong experiential learning.

You may receive credit based on:

  • Work experience and job skills
  • Employer training programs
  • Volunteer or community service
  • Open-source courses or self-study
  • Military education and occupations

More about Prior Learning

Credit earned for prior learning at a Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institution is transferable to Utah Valley University on the same basis as if the credit has been earned through regular study at the awarding USHE institution. Credit for prior learning is recorded on a Utah Valley University transcript as Transfer Credit awarded as Challenge/Experience and will receive a CR or credit grade. This grade does not affect the Grade Point Average (GPA). Transfer credit and Proficiency credit will incur a service fee charged through a Challenge Credit Fee and Form. Proficiency credits of prior learning may incur an associated exam or portfolio review fees. Federal financial aid and employee tuition reimbursement may not cover prior learning assessment fees.

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Contact the Credit for Prior Learning Specialist at testingservices@uvu.edu