Contemporary Dance Ensemble

Members of CDE have been invited to perform Doris Humphrey’s masterpiece Passacaglia alongside Repertory Dance Theatre. They attended RDT’s 2018 Summerdance workshop and learned the piece from former Limón dancer, Nina Watt.

CDE Highlights

American College Dance Association Gala Concert Performances

  • 2018 - ACDA Gala Performance of Tower Choreographed by Andy Noble
  • 2016 - ACDA National Festival Performance of Still Life with Flight Choreographed by Sarah Donohue
  • 2014 - ACDA Gala Performance of Material Tokens of the Freedom of Thought, Choreography by Angela Bancheo-Kelleher 
  • 2013 - ACDA Gala Performance ofCaught in the Fringe Choreography by Ismael Arrieta (student) 
  • 2012 - ACDA Gala Performance of The Final Hours Choreography by Monica Campbell
  • 2009 - ACDA Gala Performance of Interrupted Choreography by Amy Markgraf 

Other Honors

  • 2017 Repertory Dance Theater Performance Tower Choreographed by Andy Noble

  • 2013 NYC Next Wave Festival Performance Journey Choreographed by Doris Trujillo

  • 2012 The Final Hours Rocky Mountain Choreography Festival Choreographed by Monica Campbell

  • 2011  Resilire Dance Gallery Festival Choreographed by Doris Trujillo

  • 2010 & 2012 International tours to Spain

  • 2009 Interrupted Conderdance Festival Tempe, AZ Choreographed by Amy Markgraf

  • 2008  Resilire American Dance Festival Choreographed by Doris Trujillo

Contemporary Dance Ensemble Guest Artists

  • Todd Allen
  • Charlotte Boye-Christenson
  • Mike Esperanza
  • Keith Johnson
  • Susan Hadley
  • Stephan Novakavich
  • Carl Flink
  • Damon Rago
  • Rosie Banchero
  • Natalie Desch