Ballroom Dance Company

UVU Ballroom Dance Company

The Utah Valley University Ballroom Dance Company is one of the largest and most prestigious public collegiate Ballroom Dance programs in the United States. The company consists of the Tour Team, the Ensemble Team, and two Training Teams. The UVU Ballroom Dance Company is currently under the direction of Tara Boyd.


Contemporary Dance Ensemble

Contemporary Dance Ensemble (CDE) is a pre-professional level modern dance company and upper division course. CDE’s mission is to provide real world experiences as students develop and enrich their artistry and prepare for careers in dance. Company members’ work with a variety of nationally and internationally acclaimed choreographers and have opportunities to perform regionally, nationally and internationally. CDE has been honored at the American College Dance Association dance conference by being selected to perform in the Regional Gala and National Festival Concerts.

Auditions are held the first week of school each year. Please come prepared to take a contemporary modern dance class.

Esprit d.c.

UVU’s Hip Hop Crew, Esprit d.c.

A performance-based course that rehearses and presents the work of UVU’s Hip Hop crew, Esprit d.c. Provides students interested in further developing their technical skill and personal style with opportunities to perform the works of professional choreographers in formal and informal settings.

DANC 360R - Esprit d.c.


Repertory Ballet Ensemble

Repertory Ballet Ensemble is the resident performing company for the ballet program at Utah Valley University. The ensemble was founded in 2007 by Jacqueline College and is overseen by members of the UVU ballet faculty. Currently, RBE is under the direction of Jamie A. Johnson and Christa St. John.


Rhythmic Tap Company

Rhythmic Tap Company provides students with opportunities to develop skill, artistry, and musicality in the world of tap dance. Students engage in the choreographic process through student and guest choreography on an intermediate to advanced level. Rhythmic’s mission is to promote the relevance and cultural significance of tap dance on campus and in the community.



Synergy Dance Company explores the creative, technical, and performance realms of dance by producing innovative concerts of guest artist, faculty, and student choreography. The company members are dynamic performers as well as imaginative choreographers who present dance as a wonderfully diverse and lively performance art.

Synergy company members begin developing their choreography in August and delve into all aspects of producing a concert. Costumes, lighting, staging, and publicity are shared responsibilities that culminate in Synergy’s diverse concerts every December.