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Product Team at UVU

Experience Design is an increasingly growing field of study and a cutting edge career path. This UVU club will be a forerunner of UX/product design thinking and best practices. The purpose of our club would be to act as a venue for enhanced learning, networking, and opportunity through facilitating experiences with industry leaders, local professionals, and other students.


Bryan Thacker

“For my education I not only wanted knowledge, but opportunities, real world experience, and networking. At UVU, I’m getting it all. I’ve been instructed in industry best practices by instructors who support and believe in me. I’ve worked with actual clients, had access to world class equipment and resources, met and connected with industry experts, faculty, and a talented student body.

— Bryan Thacker

Beit Lehi

A Columbarium or dovecote with triangle shaped holes carved into the walls of a cave for turtle doves

Beit Lehi Columbarium

Arial view of mosaic church floor and ruined columns on either side

Drone Photos of Byzantine Church Site


UVU students attend various conference every year to stay up to date in the Web Design and Development field.

Screenshot of information on Case Study Conference May 2017

Utah Front

Man on stage with a collage image projected behind him and the words "Everyone has a story to tell"

Adobe MAX

Student sitting on a sand dune

International Student Projects

VR and AR Classes

UVU Students learn how to create immersive digital experiences in both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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