Student teaching is a culminating experience completed during your last semester.

Student Teaching/Internships provide students the opportunity to practice what has been learned on the university campus and, more importantly, to continue academic and professional growth.

Student teachers and Interns will have opportunities to develop leadership skills working with students in a variety of settings, such as: before and after school enrichment classes, performance activities, student government and various clubs.

Elementary Student Teaching and Intern Handbook

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Student Teaching


Guaranteed for EVERY student

Not guaranteed (internships based on district/school needs and selection)

55 days  (Plus 15 days during the third semester of the program)

Full K-12 academic year

Application Deadlines are 3rd Friday in September for the Spring term and for the 3rd Friday in January for the Fall term

Application Deadline for an Internship is the 3rd Friday in January

Continuous support from cooperating teacher

Intern coach with you occasionally

No monetary compensation or benefits

Some monetary compensation & benefits

University evaluations completed during the semester a student completes student teaching

University evaluations completed during the Fall semester of the internship

District selection possible

District selection is not always possible


Graduation date will be end of Spring semester


Internships are only offered Fall to Spring semesters; there are no Spring semester Internships offered


All program classes must be completed by April for Fall Internship

Capstone Seminar and Classroom Management IV courses are taken during the student teaching experience.

Capstone Seminar and Classroom Management IV courses are taken during the first part of the Internship

Applies to both Student Teaching and Internship


May result in a permanent position

All Elementary Education courses must be completed with a B- or higher prior to student teaching/internship.

Students must pass the Praxis exams prior to student teaching / internship

Students may not solicit schools and/or principals for possible student teaching and/or internship placement. Student teaching and/or Intern placements and selection will be determined by the partnership district, content area departments, and the Secondary Field Coordinator.