Mission Statement

The School of Education prepares educators and leaders to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. Through engaged pedagogy, transformative collaborations, and meaningful innovations, we cultivate equity and inspire lifelong learning.

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  • The School of Education as exceeded every expectation I had. The faculty, staff, and administration believe in every single one of their students. They have opened the world of opportunity to me! I’ve learned to be a successful and effective educator by implementing what I learned in real classrooms and creating an environment for students success. If you want to be a teacher, UVU is the place to be!"
    Ayden Womack
    Dean's intern for Student Success, History, and Social Studies Evaluation
  • I love UVU's education program because of the emphasis on in-field experience. I have been given so many opportunities to practice what I am learning, which has helped me to have confidence in my career path. The faculty here are so supportive and invested in my success. I am so happy I chose UVU!"
    Jordan Farnsworth
    Elementary Education Major
  • UVU’s School of Education provided me with the opportunity to pursue my special education degree which certified me to work in a variety of school settings and with different students. I love that I was able to develop personal relationships with Professors like, Dr. Odongo and Professor Burton, and value the mentoring and education they provided to me and my peers. I was provided with practical experiences every semester in local school districts to actively apply teaching principles I was taught and learn from working individuals in the field of education. I would recommend UVU”s School of Education’s unique special education degree because it has allowed me to achieve my personal teaching philosophy, network with local school districts, and fulfill my dream of working with students with disabilities."
    Amberly Nielsen
    Special Education Major
  • Studying at UVU in the School of Education has provided me invaluable teacher preparation opportunities which have been enlightening. Through my time here, I have noticed that a pillar of the program’s philosophy is that hands-on experience is vital to adequately preparing us for our future classrooms. I receive encouragement from my professors to obtain a well rounded view of education in diverse, multicultural contexts. This has helped me open my eyes to perspectives on teaching people much different than myself and has shaped my own philosophies of learning. The unique fieldwork experiences and skill practice integrated into each semester has taught me that I will graduate with a degree which makes me more than just a teacher. I am becoming a more confident, empathetic, and wise leader in education.

    Brooklyn Moore
    Elementary Education Major

Credits to Graduate


Earn your associate degree in as little as 60 credits, or your bachelor's degree in 120 credits.

Build the skills you need with a degree from UVU. Coursework includes comprehensive core and elective classes in addition to general education requirements. Online classes are offered in some cases.


Certificate Programs


Associate Programs


Bachelor's Degrees


Master's Degrees


Graduate Certificates


Degree Minors

Our advisors are committed to providing comprehensive guidance and support to help you navigate your educational journey and achieve your academic goals at our university. We're here to help you take the first step.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm

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ME 114

The faculty's unwavering dedication to education establishes a foundation for excellence, fostering an environment where students thrive. The students' remarkable dedication and collaborative approach to learning reflect the outstanding teaching by the faculty, embodying their guidance and inspiration. This community stands as a true hub of academic excellence, dedicated to preparing the next generation of educators."

Kelly Bruce Glynn
Residence for the Creative Arts

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Elementary Education


The Elementary Education program is a practice-based program in which teacher candidates engage in hands-on experience working with children in the classroom. Students who successfully complete the Elementary Education program qualify to receive a Utah professional license to teach children in grades K-6 and are also prepared to apply for the Master of Education program.

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The Department of Student Leadership and Success Studies promotes holistic student development and advances students to higher levels of academic success, professional preparation, leadership development, and lifelong learning.

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Secondary & Special Education


The Secondary Education program prepares teacher candidates to teach in grades 7-12. Students in this program will choose from a variety of subject areas where they can become content experts. Students will also have the opportunity to work with children in local school districts.

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Autism Studies


Autism Studies prepares anyone needing to work with, or interact with, those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) including those in supervisory positions overseeing ASD adults, educators who may have students with an ASD diagnosis in their classrooms, counselors and medical professionals, emergency services personnel, and anyone seeking additional information and insight.

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Graduate Programs


The Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) at Utah Valley University is an applied master’s program aimed at building the instructional skills and professional competency of educators, practitioners, and behavior analysts. Our goal is to help you gain the research-based knowledge and skills that will enable you to be a leader in clinical settings, the classroom, school, district, or higher education institution.

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Dean's Message

Portrait of Dean Vessela Ilieva

Welcome to the School of Education!

Whether you are a new student or continuing your education, working on your certificate or minor, earning your first university degree or pursuing the next level of university credentials, or engaged with the programs and community events of the Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism, I extend a warm welcome to you. We are delighted to have you at the School of Education! The faculty and staff of the School of Education are committed to supporting you in reaching your educational goals and in utilizing the variety of programs and events we offer.

Each department of the School of Education - Elementary Education, Secondary and Special Education, Students Leadership and Success Studies, and Graduate Education - offers a range of options to pursue your academic interests and professional pathways. You can choose from courses and certificates that would contribute to navigating and advancing your college experience and to enhancing your future employment as well as select from several much needed and recognized professional undergraduate programs in education. We offer seven graduate programs where you can advance your professional qualifications and earn new credentials to support the next level of your career, all in areas that are needed in Utah and nationally. Complementing these strong academic offerings, the mission and work of the Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism supports our communities in providing opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum.

The School of Education is a dynamic space of opportunities to pursue high quality learning, professional preparation, educational and community services, and innovation. We serve the needs of our region, the state, and beyond by engaging in productive community and professional collaborations and by offering programs that meet the needs in our communities.

We invite you to join us to pursue your educational goals and expand your opportunities by pursuing your selected pathway!

Vessela Ilieva
Dean, School of Education



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