International Internships

Short and long-term opportunities to intern abroad

International Internships

Begin the international internship application process at least six weeks prior to departure.  Starting earlier than this will also increase your chances of ensuring all requirements are completed prior to departure for your internship.

  • Complete the Global Internship Travel Registration, including paying the $25 registration fee.
  • Complete the Export Control (online form), additional information about export control is available here.
  • Sign & submit the Assumption of Risk & Release (online form).
  • Submit a High Risk Travel Waiver/Release form to be sent to [email protected] if travelling to a country that is listed at a level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory by the U.S. State Department
  • Once you have been approved to intern abroad by the Office of Education Abroad, you can complete the requirements to get UVU internship credit through the Internship Services Office.
  • International Health and Evacuation Insurance: After Internship Services approves your international intership credit, you will receive an email from Customer Service from UVU's insurance provider, GeoBlue, that instructs you to register using a Certificate Number provided in the email so that you can print out an insurance ID card.  For some international internships and/or international travel programs, you will be required to pay for this insurance. You will receive an email with instructions for paying for the insurance from [email protected] if you are responsible to do so.

The Office of Education Abroad registers UVU student international travel via this process, but does not coordinate travel logistics, visa support, accommodations and room/board, or internship work experiences abroad.

Internship credit is granted by UVU colleges and departments, but travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student in consultation with their internship provider or company.