Application Deadline & Fee

February 1, 2024; $75

Application fee is non-refundable.

Program Dates

Travel: June 9-14, 2024                          Online Course: Summer first block

Program Details

The primary goal of this travel study is to provide students with first hand experience of contemporary Puerto Rican music and culture. Students will develop the skills and techniques necessary for individual and ensemble performance ability sufficient to assure accurate and musically expressive performance on traditional Puerto Rican styles such as Plena and Bomba as well as practical contemporary applications on drumset. In addition to the cultural activities, students will travel to Old San Juan and tour the Forte El Morro, gaining historical knowledge of the Atlantic Slave Trade and its influence on the musical cultures of the African Diaspora.


Program Sites:

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

Anticipated Curriculum

Students are required to enroll in at least one credit of the following course for this study abroad program:

MUSC 490R - Advanced Independent Study (1-3 credits)

Course pre-requisites may be waived for students admitted into the study abroad program by the faculty program director





Program Requirements*

Must be 18 years of age at the time of departure

Minimum G.P.A.: 2.0

Physical requirements: Significant amount of daily walking on uneven surfaces. No wheelchair accessibility and no refrigerators available for medications.

Each international destination has its own Covid-19 rules and it is the traveler's responsibility to find out what is required. UVU will not be responsible for covering the cost of hotel quarantine or COVID testing in foreign destinations. Students may be required to test negative for COVID at their own expense by host countries as a condition for entry.

*Accessibility services vary from country to country. Contact the Office of Education Abroad if you require such services. Students with significant physical or mental health needs should discuss their suitability for study abroad travel with their medical professional, UVU Student Health Services, UVU Accessibility Services, and/or family before making the decision to apply.

Estimated Program Fee*

The program fee covers housing, flight to Puerto Rico, transportation in Puerto Rico, and excursions. The program fee does not include the listed Additional Estimated Costs



*This cost is tentative and based on program plans and the exchange rate at the time it was posted. This cost may or may not be updated due to exchange-rate fluctuations, program revisions , and program date changes.

*Within 5 days of acceptance into a Study Abroad program, you will be required to pay a $500 non-refundable commitment deposit to confirm your spot. See the Refunds and Cancellation policy.

Additional Estimated Costs

The student is responsible for these additional costs:

  • UVU study abroad tuition* ($165 for 1 credit at $165 per credit hour)
  • Meals (approx $240)
  • Discretionary spending (approx $100 - $500 based on personal spending needs)

Students will be required to show proof of health insurance with coverage in Puerto Rico.

Students should be prepared to pay out-of-pocket for travel disruptions including lost luggage, possible COVID tests or quarantine stays if required by the host country for entry or exit, missed flights, etc.

All students are required to pay a $75 non-refundable application fee .


*UVU study abroad tuition is charged as an additional study abroad fee in your student account. It is separate from the study abroad program fee and regular UVU summer tuition. It is not factored into the "equal payment" calculation of the UVU Tuition Table. Study Abroad students are advised to only take study abroad courses during the block of their study abroad program.


There are some scholarship opportunities that are available from UVU and nationally. These scholarships are competitive and have varying application dates. Please click here for more information.

Financial Aid

Pell Grants and Student Loans may be applied to the program, based on eligibility. Speak to the UVU Study Abroad Advisor (LA 111) and a Financial Aid Advisor for more information (BA 105).

UVU Faculty/Staff Dependent Tuition Waiver benefits may not be used to pay for study abroad tuition or fees.

Program Director

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Travel Report

Students are strongly encouraged to read the U.S. State Department’s country information webpage for the most up-to-date information on travel advisories, entry, exit, and visa requirements, safety, security, health, and other important travel factors.