Term End Celebration Summer 2016

With the semester coming to an end we celebrated a great summer with our finishing class of Level 4 and some outstanding students who won awards. 

We handed out participation certificates to the students who finished our program and graduated Level 4, and celebrated for them as they prepare to enter into undergraduate studies. We are so grateful to have these students participate in our program.These students were absolutely wonderful and we know they will go on to do great things!

We also handed out some awards to students in every different level. We had awards for students that had the best attendance, GPA, and students who were overall a world citizen to their fellow peers. These students were recognized and appreciated for their hard work and dedication to this program. 

A couple of music performances were done at this event. Keiichi Sato and Miyako Takara performed a beautiful song in japanese with Keiichi singing and Miyako on the guitar. They performed the song Hanatabano Kawarini Melody Wo. It was absolutely beautiful!

Along with that performance we had another musical number performed by Abdullah Aldulejan. Abdullah performed on an Arabic Oud. It was such an awesome experience to see this traditional Arabic instrument.

Yinou Zhang from China gave a wonderful speech at our event. She talked about how her experience in our department has been and about going into undergraduate classes. We are so happy to have students like Yinou in our department that helps us to become a better department every semester.

We are so grateful for these students and everything they have done to make the Department of English Language Learning a wonderful place to study English!