ELL offers innovative programs and advantages that you don’t find elsewhere!

ELL Advantages

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  • ELL classes are integrated with UVU
  • All classes are credit-bearing
  • Evening classes
  • ELL events (check out our Event Page!)
  • Specialty courses: TOEFL, Pronunciation, Advanced “Capitol Reef” courses
  • Field Trips
  • Highly qualified instructors ( M.A., M.Ed. or Ph.D.)
  • CEA Accreditation
  • UVU mentors
  • Best of all--friendly, helpful, multi-lingual staff

Level 6 Perks

  • Level 6 courses fulfill the 16-credit foreign language requirement for an A.A./B.A. degree at UVU
  • ESL 211G fulfills the global/intercultural requirement for a BA/BS at UVU.
  • Level 6 students can matriculate into general UVU classes (no application or TOEFL/IELTS score required!)
  • Capitol Reef cohort classes
  • Research & conference presentation opportunities
  • Completion Celebration
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UVU Benefits