ELL Mission Statement

The mission of the intensive English language program at UVU is to help non-native English-speaking students understand and successfully use academic English at an American university. To accomplish this goal, our faculty and coursework provide a broad range of excellent academic and social opportunities. These opportunities help students develop and show proficiency in the skills of reading, writing, grammar and listening/speaking.

Jim Pettersson

Dear Student,

We hope you’re looking forward to attending ELL’s Intensive English Language Program because so many opportunities await you—both academic and social! Visit the Writing Center to receive free individual help from a UVU tutor, submit an article for the ELL Newsletter, attend lectures from distinguished guest speakers, and even present on your own research project at a UVU conference. Socially, you can practice conversational English with UVU volunteers, take a class trip to beautiful Capitol Reef National Park, join one of UVU’s 100+ clubs, participate in ELL and UVU sponsored activities, or just hang out with your friends at the bowling alley. At ELL, we don’t want you to just learn English, we want you to experience and engage with the language, people and culture. In the spirit of the Brazilian educational philosopher Paulo Freire, I encourage you to not just learn how to “read the word” during your time at UVU, but also to “read the world” as well. I hope to see you soon,
Best wishes,

Jim Pettersson, PhD.
ELL Chair

Our Intensive English Program

ELL offers a six-level language program designed mainly for students who are planning to attend college in the United States, or who would like to improve their English to advance in the workplace.

Core classes focus on

  • Listening/Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar

Optional classes

  • Pronunciation
  • Computer Literacy Class
  • TOEFL Prep (offered to Level 5 and 6 students in lieu of a core class)

This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and get ready to take the TOEFL exam. With a TOEFL score you can get into many programs at UVU and in other colleges that require it.


Fall and Spring semesters

  • 15 weeks long
  • Morning classes: Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.
  • Evening classes: Monday-Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:55 p.m.
  • For a full course of study, students should register for 18-19 credit  hours per semester (4-5 classes) and attend class 18-19 hours per week.

Summer semester

  • 14 weeks long
  • Only morning classes: Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 11:30p.m.


How long it takes to graduate from the program depends on a student’s initial level placement, but motivated and more proficient students can choose to study at an accelerated pace by skipping levels (as long as they meet the “skipping” criteria). Resident students or international students taking a “break” may enroll part-time and study at a slower rate. Last but not least, all of our instructors are highly qualified.


ELL team in front of the UVU letters

Commission on English Language Program Accreditation

CEA’s mission is to promote excellence in the field of English language teaching and administration, as well as to protect the interests of students, through accreditation of English language programs and institutions worldwide. CEA achieves its mission by advancing widely-held standards to foster continuous program development.

ELL team in front of the UVU letters

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

NWCCU is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the authority on the educational quality and institutional effectiveness of higher education institutions. NWCCU recognizes UVU for performance, integrity, and quality.