End of the Term Celebration Fall 2016

Our End of Term Celebration was a great event, being able to see our level 6 students move on to the next step of learning English was so exciting. 

We had a great time with all of the ELL Students and Level 6 students, there were awards, certificates, performances, and a beautiful student address. 

We awarded 6 students with the best academic achievement award, six students with the best term attendance award, and six students with the world citizen award.  
Iryna Chelepis from level 6 gave a wonderful student address.
Valery Rodas Lopez and Kiri Manookin performed "Jocelyn" by Benjamin Godard. It was absolutely stunning.
Erick Tshimpe Tuzizila Performed a dance routine that he made, it was so fun and very entertaining!

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated with our event.

Thank you for this wonderful semester we all had together and we wish everyone luck on where they go to next whether it is staying here and going onto undergraduate degrees or taking the knowledge they learned from here to other places.