Hike the Y

ELL students, faculty, and staff all went up to conquer the "Y" hike! It was an adventurous time trying to climb this mountain. Everyone had a good time and we had snacks and water for everyone! 

Thank you to everyone that helped us and all the students that joined us!

This hike does not have a lot shad, so it is good to do during spring and fall. If you want to go in the summertime, I suggest you go during dusk or dawn. This way you can avoid the heat. 

This hike is very steep and contains a lot of switchbacks, so make sure you are ready for a work out! Never forget water if you decide to hike this on your own time.
The whole hike, there and back, is about 2.4 miles(3.8 kilometers) long. During BYU activities they will light up the concrete "Y." 

the location of the trail head is here 

If you want a challenging short hike for everyone, this is a great choice, and at the top there are beautiful views of the valley.